PinBoardZon WP Theme Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 14-01-2013


PinBoardZon WP Theme


Yesterday I bought this awesome PinBoardZon WP Theme, a Pinterest clone that allows you to sell Amazon Associates products. Here is my review.
This WordPress theme is easy to install, and configuration is doable in 5 to 10 minutes, thanks to the online help who follows you with a step by step.
There are infinite ways to adjust the colors, and importing Amazon products is really fast.

This theme supports the automatic Amazon importers, like:

  • WP Robot
  • Associate Goliath
  • WP Zon Builder
  • WP AmaNiche
  • ReviewAzon
  • ZonGrabbing
  • And even more auto plugins

Obviously it supports also manual method, so that you can write the details of products and insert the right images by hand, also if it’s time consuming!PinBoardZon has a solid and visual look, and the products listed appear well listed, with right size images, descriptions and comments imported automatically from Amazon marketplace.
The WP Theme is offered in personal license, for around $10, while developer’s license is available for around $15 as one time offer upgrade after purchase.

If you want to check a blog with this theme, yesterday I created one. Here is Designer Boots Sales, where I sell boots for men, women and kids.
As you can see the blog is wonderful and professional at the same time, and if you try to click on a product, you will have the possibility to share it, or buy it via Amazon.

PinBoardZon WP Theme is a wonderful opportunity for who likes to create this blogs, earn an income or simply resell them to third person via Flippa!