The Pin Code Review

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The Pin Code

Amanda Craven released “The Pin Code“, a super video course to learn how to make sales on Pinterest. There are 5 videos, a PDF and some bonuses, and the training is really brilliant, considering it’s the first course released after the Pinterest new laws in terms of affiliate links.

Pinterest is that site where yummy mummies pin up pretty pictures, except that those pretty pictures are generating billions of dollars and it is not just the serial image posters who are raking them in. There are now over 70 million regular users of Pinterest. And those users do not just browse. They buy. A lot.

A superb 80% of who clicks on a pin then buy the product. Or they could sign up for whatever you have on offer. That is the kind of engagement Facebook and Twitter can only dream about… With the right Pinterest mindset you will be able to achieve the same results of Pinterest masters, people who built his business just on that visual social network.

The Pin Code” is the only course you need to start monetizing Pinterest whether or not you have tried before and failed or you are brand new to this golden opportunity. Check this out now but hurry because it is on dimesale and rising fast!

Pinterest Marketing Mojo is the Future of Social Earnings

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Pinterest Marketing Mojo” by Winter reveals the latest real strategies for optimizing Pinterest to make cash and get a constant flux of visitors to your websites. In my opinion most internet marketers know what Pinterest is. For those few who still don’t know, Pinterest is the hottest Social Media site on the internet today. It is probably the best Social Media website for promoting your products, services or affiliate programs. Once you know the ways to optimally use Pinterest, then you can be assured of quality traffic to your site/offers/services, which in turn result in cold hard cash.

But Pinterest is changing so fast, it is increasingly becoming impossible for a normal internet user to cope up with the changes and make best use of it.
What you should promote through this most visited Pinterest, is equally important, to get best results. Whether you should use this resource for promoting your affiliate programs, promote your services to meet the needs of local business in your city and so on, adds only to the confusion.

Suppose you decided on promoting your services to local business needs, then also you need to know how best to pin your offers, how to find the best of graphics, how and where to add keywords for maximum optimization and prior to all this how to get an invite to Pinterest just for starting your adventure.
If you look at the statistics of this social site, you will know that: Pinterest received 17.8 million U.S. unique visitors in February, Pinterest is now the 3rd Most Popular Social Network, and Pinterest’s traffic grew 52% between January and February of 2012, overtaking Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Google+ in number of visits just in February. So you know how important it is to get familiar with Pinterest and know the methods to optimize it for maximum benefit of marketing your offers.

There is a misconception that the big P is dominated by women, which is not true. Keep aside any misconceptions and start thinking in terms of making best use of Pinterest. Once you decided on that, then what you need is this excellent guide, which will tells you in details the steps and strategies you must adopt, so that you will be using Pinterest, optimized to suit your needs.
Pinterest Marketing Mojo” is an excellently written Step-By-Step Guide, with which you get all that you need to optimize it to best serve your marketing efforts.