Video Sales Formula Review

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Video Sales Formula

Paul Nicholls released “Video Sales Formula“, and for me it’s a big surprise because I can finally learn his tips and use his video template. In fact he uses the template he gives you to sell almost $200 of daily products, including his launches and affiliate products.

With a video template like this, becomes so easy to record professional reviews about the lates affiliate products, your product releases, your own services, high ticket trainings, coachings, membership lessons, and much much more. Literally, anything about videos!

You will also discover which is the secret tool used by Paul that permit him to boosts conversions with ease, and the 13 crucial elements you can’t miss on your videos to achieve success in literally no time after you hit the “upload” button on Youtube or on your server. You will also place fundamental call to actions, to ensure people purchase without having doubts.

For you it’s the opportunity to have a working solution, without fancy graphics, visual tools or anything. The method is free and so you can take full advantage of it. “Video Sales Formula” is a solid product, something that will give you the power to build another source of income as fast as you’ve ever seen!

Sales Funnel Commando Review

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Sales Funnel Commando


Sales Funnel Commando” by Paul Nicholls is an awesome product composed by 8 videos and 5 mind maps to learn the art of selling via sales funnel. All starts with a good squeeze page, and then you will add products in a certain way that Paul will explain at his best. So you will learn how to make sales while growing your own list. A cool thing, because many people finish to open a list, and for closing it after some weeks without any earning.

Here instead you get all what you need not only to comprehend the how, but also the why and all the hidden rules. You will see 5 different sales funnels, built for you with the help of easy step by step mind maps.

More, you will learn one of Paul’s personal tricks to enhance the selling rate of your own one time offer (you will learn also how to set it up!) and the change to make to your squeeze page to make it working, not like the masses that are just losing opt-ins.

Finally, you will learn how to keep all your sales funnel alive, for bringing a good number of sales even in the future. This is a great opportunity for you, if you never taken advantage of sales funnels.

And I really appreciated all the contents included in “Sales Funnel Commando” video series. Nothing to say, it’s a gem!

Secret Cash Ladder Review

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Secret Cash Ladder

Secret Cash Ladder” describes how Paul Nicholls achieved a daily online income of $100 to $500, with screenshot’s proof. What is shown inside the report you will get after purchase, is an easy system you can copy and follow to start profit in just a few days.

It’s a fundamental part of internet marketing to have a daily plan to bring in a supplemental income, and this WSO shows you how to do it and grow it with much care. All is shown in easy, clear and repeatable three steps. And apart this, you are shown 8 secret ways that Paul used to generate some very nice profits online, within a strategy you must start using from day one to improve your results. You will be also shown a traffic generation method to stop paying for it, and to start making cash really fast. Last but not least, you get a bonus strategy for adding some more income.

This product is suitable for newbies, beginners and even advanced marketers, that will be able to pickup some of the easy strategies shared into the guide. This is a good reading, and you will have some “ah ah” moments too after checking this awesome “Secret Cash Ladder“!

Passive Cash Profits Review

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Passive Cash Profits

Passive Cash Profits” by Paul Nicholls is a short but good ebook that gives you some good ideas on how to open a money making membership site. The first step is to select your niche, and you will acknowledge the unique three markets which you generally need to stick to. This is really important! Then he suggests you the top three systems to run a membership, and he even suggests the four features that can make your members stay in for much longer.

You will learn even a lot of tips about content creation, and especially what people likes and don’t likes, and how to drive a constant traffic to your membership’s sales page. After that you will learn a super-trick to make people join your site, and how to convince them to stay in, simply by changing the days of the trial. The value you pay for this ebook is just given by this tip alone!

But the ebook doesn’t end here, as you will learn how to cross-sell other things to the members of your site, how to maintain people as members, and scale up the whole business for getting more from your efforts. Last but not least, you will learn some good powerful tactics to apply since day one to make everything work like a charm! The contents of this 15 pages guide are awesome, and if you have never opened a membership site, this can be your next project.

Now you can count on the big tips and tricks from Paul Nicholls and his “Passive Cash Profits“!