KD Exp Review

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KD Exp

My dear friend Paul Coleman did a little experiment in last month, and today is ready to show us the huge results he got in: “KD Exp – Kindle Case Study“. The technique he used is really simple: he put the main keyword he was targeting in the book title, and made a free post on FB. That’s all!

His book is still earning over $1,000 a month, without stopping. And achieved an extra good ranking too, consequent to so many sales. This is a fantastic case study, something rare you won’t find elsewhere. It includes:

  • The eBook.
  • The niche he targeted.
  • The main keyword he used.
  • The facebook post he written.
  • All his incredible knowledge on Kindle books.

The system runs completely on autopilot, once set up, and works for both fiction and nonfiction books. I’ve had a chance to check out Paul guide, and it’s awesome like usual. Lots of contents, ideas and a lot of real proofs. And the system is really easy!

Paul Coleman’s “KD Exp” will be available for a really short time, so I highly recommend you to grab it now. I believe Paul is planning on taking it down in a few days from launch!

KD Xray Review

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KD Xray


Paul Coleman has brought us a different take about the usua Kindle case studies, with his “KD Xray” product. Instead of testing his own books and sharing his results, he contacted the best authors who were seeing a great success and tried to find what made those authors so successful.

So Paul delivers, in a 25-page PDF, three Kindle book authors who have seen great success in their publishing businesses, and specifically:

  • Rick went from selling 15 copies of his books per month to selling more than 4,000 books per month.
  • Judy Wright Helm built an entire information product business around her Kindle books. She has leveraged her Kindle business to sell many higher-ticket items and services.
  • Melanie perfected her promotion process, and now she is earning over $2,000 per day!

Paul is not only showing you their books, but he shows you how they structured their books, and their promotions. Melanie is really someone to emulate when it comes to promoting books. She is a clever, clever woman! This is one of those products that you absolutely don’t want to miss! Rick and Melanie write fiction books. And, Judy does non-fiction.

From “KD Xray” guide you will get many insider tips and tricks, methods and help to get your book seen between thousands. And it’s different from any previous, because you get the right strategies from who won the battle over Amazon Kindle!