The 48 Hour Client 2015 Review

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The 48 Hour Client


I never promote offline marketing WSOs, except Luther Landro products because they are done really well, like this “The 48 Hour Client 2015“, something brilliant from start to end.

With his big technique you can find thousands of business in need of a reputation marketing and control service, and you will see how Luther will turn your job into something easy. The results can be amazing, as he reports $30,000 per month.

Consider that a lot of businesses are losing big income from their problems with reputation, and the majority of them don’t know how to fix their bad problems, and they end to cause more problems again. So your actions will be a lifesaving thing for them, and you can be paid a lot of cash, over the hours, for a job like this.

In the past I worked really well with reputation marketing, and I also built a product about hotels, but with this all becomes incredibly easy! So, if you need new business, this could be your awesome new way. For these reasons I can only suggest you to jump on this new training, “The 48 Hour Client 2015” by Luther Landro, the specialist of offline marketing WSOs!

Maps Hero Review

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Maps Hero


Maps Hero” by Jack Hopman is the last product he released all about offline marketing, and it got a lot of awesome reviews that you may check on the sales page. This product is made only by a short but well made PDF guide that includes easy steps on how to discover and use “Google Business Listings”.

In the past many businesses made errors with this application, error that could cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue. And you will be the person able to fix all their problems and get them all back on track. You will get a secret link to contact Google, that will help you fix every business problem. So you can come back and get your big check of $300 to $500!

This is an incredibly easy task, but this Google secret link doesn’t appear on world wide web, so you will be one of the few owners. Google will work for you, and you will make many high ticket sales! And just for the fact you will build immediate trust with your clients, you will get many more advantages.

All what you need to complete the task is around 30 minutes, and the job can be done simply by emailing the customer. Build your network of clients starting from day one, with “Maps Hero”, and this idea will turn you in an offline marketing expert, even if you never done nothing with it before!

Books For Bacon Review

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Books for Bacon” shows how a broke paperboy, named Lee Nazal and living in bad conditions, turned an email into a six figure business. You get all inside this guide, witg no tricks and no gimmicks for a really interesting but uncommon idea in offline marketing area.

This is an awesome new approach to an old problem. It’s a revolutionary system to earn income via offline customers. And it is really easy, as all you have to is filling in the blanks, then copy and paste. This system grows your authority in the field, turning yourself into the go-to guy for what you will learn to do.

You will be able to grow your autority to new levels, and get your business running in only a few weeks with super results. It’s really a well thought, tested and proven system, also for newbies. You will find a lot of reviews on sales page, including the one by Mario Brown.

You will never have to do SEO, PPC, PPV, Facebook Ads and so on. Here you literally choose your leads, and decide on which one you want to work for profits. “Books for Bacon” is really something new, and brings a breath of fresh air in offline marketing panorama!

Local Consultant Web Kit Review

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Local Consultant Web Kit

If you want to be seen as an expert of local marketing, your blog must show that, so it will be really easy to sell your offline marketing services this way. Why should a local business hire you? Show them you are the right person with a few right steps, as suggested by this feature rich “Local Consultant PLR Web Kit“.

This is an awesome package that includes all what you need to turn your blog into a professional resource for small businesses and people in need of your services. This pack includes:

1) 9 professionally written articles, each one about a different area of interest.
2) 6,000 words book to become an authority and get leads.
3) 9 fresh mobile site designs to show your expertise in no time.
4) 3 professional business card templates.

All in editable format with full PLR rights, for starting in offline marketing so fast as you ever wanted. Offline marketing will give you much satisfaction, but start with a proven formula, given to you by “Local Consultant PLR Web Kit“, a gem created for you by David Chamberlain and Jamie Garside!

Offline PLR Videos Volume 15 Review

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Offline PLR Videos

Offline PLR Videos Volume 15” is a great set of videos to customize and resell with easy step by step training. The niche in this case is automotive services, and especially one video for each one of these subniches:

  • Auto Parts Store
  • Car Rental Center
  • Tire Shop
  • Transmission Repair
  • Windshield Repair
  • Auto Body Repair

Automotive services like these have a lot of money to spend even nowadays, because people can stop purchasing anything, but they won’t never refuse to use their car or to fix their broken one. That’s why it’s fundamental for an offline marketer to be on market with easy videos to customize and sell for hundreds of dollars!

A professional set of videos, with the perfect length of 1 minute each, professional voice overs, final calls to action, awesome scripts and built just for customers. Nick Mancuso always provides quality videos for offline services, and it’s bad to let
them disappear from market. With this package you get an incredible advantage, and you can sell them with ease to companies and shops in need of new customers!

This video series, from volume 1 to volume 14 sold over 4,000 packages, an incredible quantity, sign that the customers of Nick Mancuso love these videos because they are profitable! That’s why I don’t lose a package of “Offline PLR Videos“!

Nightlife Profit System Review

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Nightlife Profit System

Years ago I was really working hard in offline marketing, outsourcing most of the job. Then, for months, I didn’t touch this niche. But now, after reading “Nightlife Profit System“, I want to restart from what I left. The method is easy, described in 28 pages, and you will be managing their social media ads.

The good thing is you will get an ad swipe copy, agreements, forms and a good set of toolkits for making your job easy. What you can discover with this product, can really give you a huge advantage over the competitors, especially because this is
an untapped niche no one has ever suggested!

As you now nightlife clubs and bars will be always open, so there are a lot of money circulating in this awesome niche, and you will always find clients, in your local area or over the web with some free tools. It’s a great opportunity, easy if you are starting with offline marketing, and cool if you are a serious offline marketer by some time.

There are a lot of good tips, advanced tips and tricks, methods, documents and all what you need to start without problems and expenses. So take advantage of “Nightlife Profit System” and start collecting payments, check and compliments by bar and night clubs owners!