Offline Clients Magnet easily lands Mobile clients for you

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 24-11-2012


Offline Client Magnet


Gee Singh is a WSO author I respect, and this “Offline Clients Magnet” WSO is something to remember.
Yes, becuase thanks to it it will be easy to get hordes of customers ready to pay you for a mobile site, also the most undecided and wavering ones.
All is guaranteed through the use of videos.

We know that videos sell more than words. All the gurus are using videos to gather more clients, and getting more sales.
So the same could be applied to mobile marketing niche, and the good thing is that this marketing doesn’t require cold calling or meetings with clients!
And the good thing of this is that you are free to even outsource this if you want, to get more time for applying new techniques; there’s a special bonus for doing that.

But why video sells more mobile sites than words?
First because business owners are always looking for experienced marketers, with high-tech experience. And then the videos you’re going to grab keep the shop owner engaged, showing why a mobile site is a must nowadays, and pushing the right psychological buttons to transform a leads in a buyers.

Last but not least, the video you will receive has been recorder with three voices: American, English and Australian, because we know that every geo area has its language variations.
And you receive also two cool bonuses. One of them is the outsourcing ebook “Hire a VA in 60 minutes” by Chris Winters, and the second is a wonderful looking offline video landing page, to grab even more contacts interested in your services.

You know that selling is sometimes hard and discouraging, but having a video like these setup for three great zones like USA, Australia and England with all the zones included (think about Canada, Scotland, Galles, Ireland, New Zealand, and the rest of the world in which English is a well known language, just to name a few).
This “Offline Clients Magnet” deserves all your attention!