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Freelance with Odesk

On this post I want to provide the best interview you can make with oDesk freelancers.
I was searching a good article writer for my new website FamilyMoneySavings.com, and I found an experienced freelancer called Ed Victor and coming from UK.

Alessandro: Hello.
Ed: Hi.
Alessandro: I wanted a writer for my articles.
Ed: Yes, you have come to the right place!
Alessandro: Im from Italy, where are you from?
Ed: Im from UK.
Alessandro: Oh, so you must be able to write good quality articles!
Ed: Absolutely! You can try me. You will not be disappointed.
Alessandro: Do you have any experience?
Ed: Yes, I have done a journalism course, and have a flair for writing from my childhood.
Alessandro: How did you get into this job?
Ed: I had the passion for writing. I wrote many things from childhood. This is the job I was made for. I used to write poems and stories as a child.
Alessandro: Great! You must really love your job then. Do you specialize in any special niche?
Ed: I can write about any niche basically. I am keen to research and add life to whatever I write. I have written content for business websites, and marketing sites etc. I also have a great sense of humor and have written content for humor sites. Besides this, I have done news articles for news magazines and newspapers. I have also written content that has been sold for over $100 per article!
Alessandro: Wow, you would be the right candidate for my job.
Ed: Absolutely!
Alessandro: I will send you a mail regarding my job about Family Money Savings.
Ed: Thanks. I will be waiting to hear from you.
Alessandro: Take care
Ed: You too, and God bless!

As you can see Ed is a kindly people I added to my job contacts, because works fast and it’s very cheaper than other Odesk competitors.
So, if you want to discover how to hire an article writer, a really good one, Ed Victor is a master.

Thanks and Goodbye.

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