Outsource Interview with Ed Victor

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Freelance with Odesk

On this post I want to provide the best interview you can make with oDesk freelancers.
I was searching a good article writer for my new website FamilyMoneySavings.com, and I found an experienced freelancer called Ed Victor and coming from UK.

Alessandro: Hello.
Ed: Hi.
Alessandro: I wanted a writer for my articles.
Ed: Yes, you have come to the right place!
Alessandro: I’m from Italy, where are you from?
Ed: I’m from UK.
Alessandro: Oh, so you must be able to write good quality articles!
Ed: Absolutely! You can try me. You will not be disappointed.
Alessandro: Do you have any experience?
Ed: Yes, I have done a journalism course, and have a flair for writing from my childhood.
Alessandro: How did you get into this job?
Ed: I had the passion for writing. I wrote many things from childhood. This is the job I was made for. I used to write poems and stories as a child.
Alessandro: Great! You must really love your job then. Do you specialize in any special niche?
Ed: I can write about any niche basically. I am keen to research and add life to whatever I write. I have written content for business websites, and marketing sites etc. I also have a great sense of humor and have written content for humor sites. Besides this, I have done news articles for news magazines and newspapers. I have also written content that has been sold for over $100 per article!
Alessandro: Wow, you would be the right candidate for my job.
Ed: Absolutely!
Alessandro: I will send you a mail regarding my job about Family Money Savings.
Ed: Thanks. I will be waiting to hear from you.
Alessandro: Take care
Ed: You too, and God bless!

As you can see Ed is a kindly people I added to my job contacts, because works fast and it’s very cheaper than other Odesk competitors.
So, if you want to discover how to hire an article writer, a really good one, Ed Victor is a master.

Thanks and Goodbye.

Outsourcing with Filipinos ? A Secret Revealed…

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Filipinos Outsourcing

In the latest two weeks I read on many Internet Marketing sources that people from Philippines is really adviced for good results in outsourcing.
Just one month before no one was talking about Filipinos… why ?
Because they are really able to write optimal english texts and they cost 5 to 10 times less than an experienced american or english mothertongue author.

So, on Elance and oDesk, two of the most used freelancing services, they were so requested that’s nearly impossible to find a good one available right now.
But the bad thing about all this “hurly burly” is that in some cases their prices are rising up for at least two times.
Anyway Outsourcing with Filipinos is always cheaper and give you optimal results.

People fom Philippines know english language better than any other foreigner because, after filipino, is their second language.
But there is another curious thing : Filipinos are a group of people able to talk 180 different languages through their history, as reported by Wikipedia.
So can you think they are not able to talk english perfectly ?
I say absolutely “NO”.
They are perfect for any type of work you need for your business.

If you want another advice, never contact chinese or indian people for your work, also if they are offering really good prices : their knowledge of english is not perfect and they can make a worst job, also if you can find some trustful foreigners.
In every case consider the Feedback expressed by other visitors, it’s really important and visible on every user’s profile.
Anyway outsourcing can save you a lot of time, and it’s important to consider that you are paying to achieve optimal results with less fatigue.
The best Internet Marketers around the globe are using Filipino’s Outsourcing… why don’t you ?