Niche Prophet Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 19-06-2015


The Niche Prophet


Today my friends Mikel Perez and Inaki Ramirez have released their new product called “The Niche Prophet”, all about niche research and marketing. On this product they are showing the tactics and strategies they use to identify profitable niches where rankings are virtually guaranteed without using a keyword tool at all.

This is seriously a great thing considering it includes:

  • How to get instant traffic from short term trends, and why you have a lot to win and nothing to lose.
  • 7 different tools inside Google Trends that can help you come up with new niches you would have never thought of.
  • How to unveil the power of social media hashtags for research with these 6 free tools.
  • 8 places where you can find trend-spotting work done for you!
  • 5 techniques to get trend ideas in your free time.
  • Never before revealed techniques to uncover upcoming sub-niches inside the ultra profitable health market.
  • The almighty business intelligence and research company that does all the future thinking for you.

And much, much more useful ideas and contents, making “Niche Prophet” absolutely the best niche research products of the last three years, from what I was able to see and check on my own!