Social Robot Review

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Social Robot

Social Robot” is a brand new social bookmarking tool by Joshua Zamora, Mike From Maine and that makes an easy job to submit your urls to up to 800 social bookmarks. I know that it seems out from ordinary, but this is one of the few gems I saw in 2015. With this software, you will be able to:

  • Get you first page rankings on Google, with ease.
  • Get your videos on Youtube shown on Google first page.
  • Build over 500 high-quality bookmarks to any url you desire.
  • Make as many one-click posts as you want.
  • Use the built-in drip feeding option, but only with Pro Version.
  • Export all the full reports you want about the campaigns.
  • And much much more!

Even if it was tested only with Youtube videos, and it is incredible to see how many first position rankings he obtained, and how many cash it was generated from these videos, this software is awesome also for blogs, websites, social media posts, podcasts and anything that falls under the “content” voice (everything we do online!)

It’s good for you and your business, but it becomes really huge if you are a freelancer, to offer something excellent to your customers, and you can sell the backlinks in packages! And if you are fast, you can grab this feature rich “Social Robot” for a great price!

Affiliate Income Secrets Review

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Affiliate Income Secrets

There’s absolutely no person I respect as much as Mike Thomas, a guy that started from zero, and conquered a big slice of market with his own “Mike From Maine” podcast videos. He interviews the authors of products on release list, on video, and he is earning a lot of commissions, on daily basis.

For this reason yesterday I purchased the Front End product of “Affiliate Income Secrets“, even if I got a review copy, and the first OTO, really interesting. In this course he shows all the secrets to start a new business, like his one, from zero. And it was a pleasure for me to see the 23 videos, in which he shows the basis of his great business, based on two Youtube videos and free traffic each and every day.

The first OTO of three, instead, that I purchased too, shows the secrets to create outstanding videos, sharing all the tips that made him become so successful in a short time span. Top value.

I can only suggest you to jump in without even reading the sales letter, because these are big gems that come out rarely, and when this happens it’s important to don’t lose them. Thanks to “Affiliate Income Secrets”, you can really make more commissions per month, and you get all the instructions and tutorials you need to become a master without any error!

Wonderful, creative and… don’t lose “Affiliate Income Secrets” for any reason!

Product Launch Confessions Review

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Product Launch Confessions


Mike From Maine, famous for his blog devoted to IM interviews, launched “Product Launch Confessions“, a series of 12 interviews to the gurus of product launches.
Before launching my last product, International Kindle Profits, I was interviewed by Mike From Maine, a guy who ask interesting questions to all the gurus and the best product authors for offering a different point of view on the latest products.

This product was a big surprise because was unexpected at first, and then because he’s a genius, and interviewed 12 of the best internet marketers about how to make a perfect product launch. And you can learn a lot of strategies and techniques, because all these internet marketers together earned well over 8 figures… and collected a lot of “WSO Of The Day” from Warrior Forum.

Their names?

  • Sam England
  • Bill Guthrie
  • Walt Bayliss
  • Chris Guthrie
  • Russ Ruffino
  • Anton Nadilo
  • Mark Thompson (from UK)
  • Mark Thompson (from USA)
  • Rob Cornish
  • Fergal Downes
  • Jonathan Green
  • Tom Ness

You can get just a big value by hearing all the interviews.
But be fast, because every few hours the product price go up.
Product Launch Confessions” is awesome, brilliant, and can really change your product launches in much better!