Supercharge Your Kindle Sales Review

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Supercharge Your Kindle Sales


Mike Balmaceda is a guarantee for Kindle marketers, and this “Supercharge Your Kindle Sales” is another gem, that shows you how to increase your Kindle book sales by 2000%, without paying a cent. The guide, and the videos too, are built on two chapters, one about Kindle ranks, and one about aauthor mailing list.

The first half of the guide let’s you see how Amazon automatically works with the Kindle books, so that you can take advantage of it with the keyword selection, and trust me, it’s amazing! Second section instead show you how to build your list with Kindle, showing a totally different method to increase the opt-in’s rate.

You can count on two videos, a 41 pages guide, and a set of exclusive bonuses, including: author checklist, a case study, how to use Mailchimp as a free autoresponder, a keyword suggestion list and a squeeze page header ready to be edited. Awesome set!

It’s really a great course, that gives solid information on how to get more sales via the best keywords used by Amazon, and on how to turn your followers into a brand new list! It’s clear that “Supercharge Your Kindle Sales” gives something new to study and to try on your own book listings, and the results can be really amazing!

Kindle Champion Review

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Kindle Champion


Kindle Champion” by Mike Balmaceda is a fast product to read, with an additional serie of videos, that shows you how to get Kindle books created for only $10 or $20. He shows you a new place where you can share your idea and get your
book written by American and English people, not low cost writers from asian countries as we’re used to do.

He guides you into the process with easy step by step instructions, giving you the method, and he shows you the best books to be written with this method, that are including guides, how-to’s, step by step books, children books and short stories books, just to tell you a few. It’s a method I like, and that I never tested before on my own but that works for sure, being the final books a joy to be read (and sold, too!).

I was happy to have purchased this product, because Mike has added some cool bonuses like a book template, a checklist and a project details document for you and for your  next freelancer. The 23 pages guide clears any doubt, but in case you can also count on the four additional videos for seeing better the process.

More, you can get ideas on the project if you are not really sure about what to write. “Kindle Champion” is a real gem, and I suggest it to anyone making money on Kindle, because from now on you can make more of them, but without efforts!