The Cappuccino Method Review

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The Cappuccino Method


The Cappuccino Method” by Michelle Stevens is a complete, hold you by the hand arbitrage method that when implemented can bring in payments like clockwork day in and day out! Inside this powerful 22 page fluff free report you will discover:

  • How and where to find high paying clients to sell in minutes
  • How to introduce yourself so the sale is a done deal from the start
  • Where to find other people to fulfill your orders for you.
  • How to easily do this over and over again at lightning speed.

It’s a completely ethical system, and that’s important to say that, because many marketers have taken the term “arbitrage” and turned it down as mucg as they wanted. You will have a great method on your side, easy to put up and run for the future, for as much time as you want. I trust Michelle, I know her by years, and you can purchase her products knowing you will get back value, a rare thing today.

Absolutely free to do, without any money spent, this method  really automates your profits if you stick to it until you see the first payment of $45. Just after, you will receive them day by day, and it’s really unstoppable! “The Cappuccino Method” is a real gem, something easy but great!

Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 Review

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Launch Jacking Boss 2.0


Michelle Stevens and Huw Hughes released this awesome “Launch Jacking Boss 2.0” that shows you  how to sell a lot of affiliate products via Google Hangouts videos. Being Google Hangouts property of Google, it’s clear that any hangout will be moved up in search engine positions, sometimes even to the top.

And it becomes easy to drive affiliate sales and winning also affiliate contests, because being on optimal position we will close much sales with our Google Hangouts, and we will try to win many affiliate contests too, positioning us on the leaderboards. This is a sparkling launch, that will change the way we’re used to promote affiliate offers. Awesome under any point of view!

On the sales page you can see some good contests won by Huw Hughes, in which he used just this super technique. Now that we know how much powerful are Google Hangouts, why not using it for all the videos we need to record?

It’s crystal clear that this great guide, “Launch Jacking Boss 2.0“, is made just for affiliates that want more cash from their efforts, and less time to be at the top of Google.

The List Sniper Review

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The List Sniper


The List Sniper” by Michelle Stevens is a really complete step by step technique that you can use to build your list by using other people traffic, each and every day. On the ebook you will be able to discover how to generate an unstoppable flood of traffic of visitors to your site, to start profiting without too much wait. And it’s a free method!

The method shows you how to setup your website from zero, how to use an incredible technique to generate new ebooks to give away, and how to steal subscribers from other people lists, so that you can be sure to grab only their active subscribers. It’s a genius way to grow your list and authority at the same time, well thought!

You will discover what exactly you need to start building your list, and where to find these subscribers, that are waiting for joining your list. You will be shown also how to monetize this list, all in an easy to follow way that doesn’t requires much
efforts, and permits you to build the bases of your business.

Thanks to “The List Sniper” you will learn a solid method to start your email list from zero, or to grow your actual one with ease. It’s a funny way to give a boost to your own business!

The Affiliate Rockstar Review

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The Affiliate Rockstars

Michelle Stevens and Huw Hughes launched “The Affiliate Rockstar” a few days ago, and got a really awesome success, because all their job is making your daily efforts to rake some cash more easy and less intensive than usual. Yes, because
making cash with affiliate sales is not easy, especially if we are starting out, isn’t it?

So this is a really nice guide that people loved since day one of release. You will discover their best secret tools, resources and links that you will need to get up and running as fast as you can, and you will discover how to identify only the products with crushing conversions, leaving untouched the worst not-converting ones.

You will also learn how to build your buyers list, and how to sell over and over again to it, for more commissions. And also how to get a constant flow traffic without going crazy but especially without paying your dime in. It’s really a complete guide from A to Z, that leaves out unnecessary things, and includes only what a good affiliate must know to be in profit since the first days.

Seems clear that “The Affiliate Rockstar” is awesome under any point of view, so much that inside the ebook there were some good surprises for me!

Webinar Commission Crusher Review

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Webinar Commission Crusher

Webinar Commission Crusher” is a complete, hold you by the hand, step by step method that you can use on daily basis to profit from other people’s webinars. Inside this powerful 18 page report, easy to digest, and bonus mindmap, you will discover secret tools, links and resources you need to get up and running as fast as possible.

More, you will learn how to identify converting webinars to promote, how to build your list of hungry buyers from zero, to get more sales, and how to get traffic also to all your offers. And then you can read about the “golden nugget” method, that has a true value.

This method is really easy to follow and repeat, and you won’t need big cash to start getting sales and new leads into your autoresponder. And this is the real power of this system!

You will be shown how to automate as much as possible this method, to build your own sustainable business. You can make hundreds of dollars per sale, just by promoting other people webinar events! Awesome!
And until now I didn’t saw this method around, and this is coming as an exclusive from Michelle Stevens and Karl Reynisson’s “Webinar Commission Crusher“!

Super Simple Hangouts Review

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Super Simple Hangouts


Google Hangouts are the new way to do webinars, alone or with the collaboration of other marketers. It’s an easy to use platform, completely free, and Michelle Stevens has found a way to make money with them, by using nothing more than affiliate products.

Super Simple Hangouts” is born just from Michelle experience on Google Hangouts. She’s able to make $450 each and every week, and she shows the proof of this on his Paypal account, from one of the video in sales pages. Inside you will discover an almost instant system for banking profits using Hangouts (even if you don’t have your own products!) and how to create multiple passive income streams (making money while you sleep).

You will also discover why your Hangouts will rank above the other Youtube videos, without any SEO optimization required and why you won’t need any previous experience to rock on this platform. And last but not least you will discover how to start making money since the first day, with easy and comprehensive steps, well explained.

Super Simple Hangouts” is an extremely good twenty page guide, full of all the information you need to set up and run your own profitable Google Hangouts. You will also receive a detailed mindmap as a bonus, that breaks everything down into bite sized, easy to digest chunks.