Merry Christmas from Blog In Da Box!

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Merry Christmas Blog In Da Box

And so another Christmas has come. I wish you the best Christmas ever, with happiness, joy and your lovely parents.
I’m sure the next year will be better than this, for everyone! If it’s gone bad, it will be much better, and if it went extremely well, it will give you more!
Remember that the new year is always great to change in better, so on 31st December 2012 remember to say your prayers and decide your new objectives for 2012!

Here are my promises for a top 2013:

1) Grow my presence in internet marketing2) Launch even better products (and more profitable too!)
3) Get a better health (this year it wasn’t very good)
4) Get a good wealth to help my family with annual expenses.

I will be happy if my dreams and yours will come true!
Leave a comment below with your best proposals for 2013!

Merry Christmas by Blog In Da Box

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Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho!
I will take 3 days of pause, until 27th December to stay with my family.

I hope you can pass Christmas with someone you love, and try to don’t think about the negative things of life, but just focalize your day on joy, happiness and friendship. Laugh, sing, stay with your parents and friends, and try to build up your better Christmas day step-by-step!

Leave internet marketing on pc, and get a day or two to rest, making something good for other people.
Offer a slice of Panettone to your neighbours, make a visit to your local orphanage, and try to focus just on the things you are not able to do on the other days.
Christmas day must be different and so beautiful to remember for years to come.

And remember, if you want to do some charity, here is a link for helping Philippines inhabitants to make a little better Christmas: Philippines Christmas Typhoon Relief – Super Packed Charity WSO.
I will obviously take no money for that advice, but I’ve yet donated.

Thanks for following my blog each and every day! For this reason Blog In Da Box wishes your best Christmas ever!
Merry Merry Christmas dear followers! See you on 27th December!

Alessandro Zamboni (The Admin)