Forum Flipping Bootcamp and Membership Flipping

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Forum Flipping Bootcamp and Membership Flipping

As you probably know, Blog Flipping Bootcamp, launched back in 2009, was my first product related to blog flipping. After 1 exact year, I can say that blog flipping is became my first business. Itís good to create new WordPress blogs from zero, enrich them with graphics and contents and sell them for an high income.

But today I enriched my blog flipping videos with 2 brand new ideas: Forum Flipping Bootcamp and Membership Flipping. They are two brand new e-books about flipping, but not simple websites: forums and membership sites.
Why? Because you can get 10 times the income you get with blogs. Easy and fast.
Itís a new brilliant idea I built up with two partners.

Forum Flipping Bootcamp

This explains how to build a forum from zero in no more than 5 minutes and how to flip it on Flippa with a ready sales and 3 other great products as a bonus.
With this e-book you can become a master of forums, being able to sell them on demand, or flip them as soon as you like.
We included a step by step Flippa auction creation process, done through images to help you setup your best auction!

Membership Flipping

Itís proven. Membership sites are able to give you a monthly income. The most important thing when you build memberships is offering huge contents and first quality trainings.
Thatís why we decided to release another e-book, all about the secret tips to have a top membership site ready to deliver money each and every month.
It will act like a customerís magnet, that once entered will be not able to stop the membership because waiting for next month contents!

Forum Flipping Bootcamp and Membership Flipping are the second and third products to connect to the Blog Flipping Bootcamp video course, to become a top flipper and start earning an huge income each and every month.
I offer as usual a complete coaching for the two products, in fact you will find my e-mail inside any product.
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Thanks and see you soon,
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