Stock Image Machine Review

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Stock Image Machine


Mark Sandquist always delivers great software to help us in our daily tasks, and this “Stock Image Machine” is just what we were missing! It’s an easy application that search web archives for tens of thousands of royalty free and copyright free images! And with the software you may edit them with ease! Yes, you won’t require any external software for photo editing, as all what you need is included in the main software.

You can use the stock images you find in the following products:

1) Personal websites (Adsense websites and blogs)
2) Customer sites (without paying for extended licenses!)
3) Mockup sites (to show customers how their site will look!)
4) Websites you flip for cash
5) Printed products (posters, photos, t-shirts, coffee mugs and so on!)

All you have to check are each image rights, then you can use the way you prefer to give colors to your works! And this Windows software comes with free Developer’s license included in the price! If you are looking to resell this software like your own, you can purchase “reselling rights” within the One Time Offer!

This “Stock Image Machine” is absolutely incredible, because you will find tons of images for every project you start. Add a touch of creativity with these colorful and free images! Stop spending big cash on photos!

Local Webmaster Machine Review

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Local Webmaster Machine


When you need a website, there’s no more reason to install WordPress and find all the customization items, because “Local Webmaster Machine” does it for you!
An incredible software that runs on PC/Mac can do the bad job for you, by installing a lot of things automatically in no more than 10 minutes. So you can save hours of time you spent for configuring the blog!
This software installs automatically:

  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Home page image slider
  • Navigation menus
  • Widgets
  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Legal disclaimer page
  • Location page (with Google Maps and directions)
  • Service or Product showcase page
  • And more things!

All easy to customize with the colors you prefer, ready dummy content within stock images ready to swap with yours, or with company ones. It will be easy to go to a shop, let them see how to customize their blog, and sell it for $150. Isn’t it? All you need is a PC or a Mac with a domain name and CPanel hosting. For the rest, you get easy instructional videos, a pre-built multi-niche site, and the install tool. All is really easy to comprehend and to apply, and you will be extremely happy to save money on your own, and make money thanks to companies in need of a great website.

Mark Sandquist is one of my favorite WSO authors, because he is specialized in this type of software, ready to save time and make money.
Local Webmaster Machine” is another great tool to add to your daily routine!

Responsive Theme Machine Review

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Responsive Theme Machine


Another great Mark Sandquist idea! “Responsive Theme Machine” is a brand new software that in 3 to 4 minutes turn the boring and useless WordPress default theme “TwentyTwelve” in a custom mobile responsive theme, with ease! The TwentyTwelve WP Theme is in fact one of the more difficult to get a WordPress blog ready, because it doesn’t allow much editing, change of aspects, insertion of images in the header and so on.

It’s static, and it’s absolutely not good for launching a great blog, for you or even for a company that asks you this service.
So, to avoid spending huge cash on brand new themes everytime, now you can change the usual default theme by pumping it up with so many new things, that you will never been able to say it’s the TwentyTwelve! In fact you can now upload a logo image and a user defined message on header, like a mobile phone number. And you can even add fancy social networks graphics, ready to be clicked!

You can even insert an incredible quality image slider, to make things much colorful. And what about contents? You can insert them in the way you like!
And at the end of the page you can place a Google Map with your address or with the company one, and an easy to use contact module.
All this was missing from the default WordPress theme, and now you can enhance it this way, by letting it become a completely new theme, responsive and ready to be launched on any mobile phone or tablet, because from now on it’s responsive!

Now you can stop purchasing new WordPress themes, by changing the visual aspect of TwentyTwelve default theme with the help of “Responsive Theme Machine“!

WP Mobile Theme Machine 2.0 Review

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WP Mobile Theme Machine 2.0


Mark Sandquist did it again. He launched the 2.0 version of WP Mobile Theme Machine, a great tool to create mobile themes in minutes. And without any coding.
A lot of local business owners are asking for websites they can edit on their own, adding and removing contents, images and special offers.
Well, this special software requires mere minutes to create brand new mobile themes to upload via WordPress.

Something special, that shop and company owners can use easily, updating the website anytime they desire.
In this special package, very cheap, you receive:

  • Child proof Windows software to create themes
  • Custom niche header graphics
  • 3 video tutorials to use the software, to use and FTP
  • Resource file with download links
  • Ready redirect scripts for redirecting visitors to mobile site automatically
  • Easy swipe files to create all the mobile site pages in seconds

As you can see there is much value in this software, and it gives a huge advantage over your competitors.
And if you purchase WP Mobile Theme Machine 2.0 right now, you get also the developer version included in this little price.
Check how many positive comments are yet available on Warrior Forum, and ensure a copy of this valuable software, right now!

Smart Simulator Machine – The Mobile Marketing Software

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Smart Simulator Machine
Mark Sanquist, a famous WSO autohor, launched today a new mobile marketing software named “Smart Simulator Machine“.
This is a game-changing tool, because it permits you to show the real difference beetween the normal site and the mobile site on a cell phone easily.
The good thing is now you can show the real client’s website in mobile format and classic format.
And just because a non optimized website leads to a bad website on mobile platform, it will be easier to convince all your leads and transform them in buyers, customers and repeated clients.

Here you can see how the final web page looks:

Smart Simulator Machine Screenshot

So this great tool generated a web page to upload on your website, just for that specified contact.
So imagine how beautiful can be to email a mobile website promotional email with this page attached. Imagine how simple become to resell a mobile site. Crazy, because the email swipe is included within the purchase, and you can find also some video tutorials to start fast.

A Smart Simulator can be built in less than one minute, and uploaded in 10 seconds to your host.
It’s the new army knife for mobile website sellers! And imagine how many other things you can propose after you get a new customer involved!
Buy this “Smart Simulator Machine” and start to make cash from you offline marketing!