The 48 Hour Client 2015 Review

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The 48 Hour Client


I never promote offline marketing WSOs, except Luther Landro products because they are done really well, like this “The 48 Hour Client 2015“, something brilliant from start to end.

With his big technique you can find thousands of business in need of a reputation marketing and control service, and you will see how Luther will turn your job into something easy. The results can be amazing, as he reports $30,000 per month.

Consider that a lot of businesses are losing big income from their problems with reputation, and the majority of them don’t know how to fix their bad problems, and they end to cause more problems again. So your actions will be a lifesaving thing for them, and you can be paid a lot of cash, over the hours, for a job like this.

In the past I worked really well with reputation marketing, and I also built a product about hotels, but with this all becomes incredibly easy! So, if you need new business, this could be your awesome new way. For these reasons I can only suggest you to jump on this new training, “The 48 Hour Client 2015” by Luther Landro, the specialist of offline marketing WSOs!

Reputation Management Core Review

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Reputation Management Core

Luther Landro is one of my favorite offline marketing guru, that almost every week has something exciting to share with us, directly from his studies and actions.
This time he talks about “Reputation Management Core“, all about reputation management, the thing I prefer to offer to all offline businesses, like plumbers, pest control, auto rents, mechanics, hotels and so on.

Through his great and proven roadmap you are going to learn this business from A to Z, thanks to a 20 page PDF guide, special step by step videos and all what you need to sell the service without lifting a finger:

  • 10 email swipe files, carefully written for you.
  • A superb Powerpoint presentation, ready to modify and share with your customers.
  • An example client template, to make things easy for you or for your freelancers.
  • Ready invoice templates for closing the deals without any delay.
  • And all the author’s competence on the offline marketing field.

This is a gold strategy, and you get all the tools to start 5 minutes after grabbing this package.
Think well, because this is a super and time limited offer that will save you time and efforts!
You can buy this “Reputation Management Core” training for a small price, if you act fast!

Video Rocket Core Review

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Video Rocket Core

Luther Landro released “Video Rocket Core“, an incredible system to learn how to create and rank videos using only free online tools.
And not only this, as you will learn how to find unlimited clients from a secret online source…
And let me confess this is a huge WSO, made up with crystal clear PDFs and video walkthroughs. It’s also really easy to follow and apply.

What you will learn following the course:

  • Fast professional video creation, and how to create new videos in less than 10 minutes.
  • Magnetic video copywriting formula, to comprehend how to create viral and cash sucking videos making sales for you.
  • How to rank videos in less than 48 hours, with a special keyword strategy.
  • How to discover new clients, getting their names, contact information, URLs and social media presence. And that’s not Yellow Pages!
  • And much much more!

And the best thing is you can use these free services for yourself, or just sell them to your clients as a professional offline marketers. You decide!
But who can refuse a superb video yet ranked? No one!
So be fast and join the “Video Rocket Core” course, and you will change the way you look at videos, and Google rankings!