My Latest Ebook is “Your Trip To London”

Posted by Admin | Posted in E-Books | Posted on 04-05-2012


Your Trip To London by Alessandro Zamboni

Today I released another book, but this time, for the first time, I wanted to try a new niche. So this morning I released “Your Trip To London” a new guide of around 45 pages on all the best places to visit in London, and all the methods to live London city at the best possible, also in small amounts of time.
This ebook is based on my interest in the capital city of UK, because before deciding to jot down some ideas and travel information I lost the count of the travels I did there.

If you are tired to jump from a website to another just to found the information you need, the times are changed. No more heavy London books with basic info, but a great and depp guide about the best local attractions, parks, Royal places, art and museums, and cultural places, there’s a part devoted to the hidden treasures of London, things difficult to be found on any other resource.
Then, if you are planning a romantic getaway, you will find a suggestion about your travel, with direction and tips to optimize everything and live your better adventure.

As you will see, I cutted the guide in two parts. The common destinations are on part 1, while the hidden treasures and the romantic gateway are all on second half of the guide, on part 2.
Give a look to this ebook right now, because I made a special price until the London Olympics of summer 2012, then the price will go up without announce.

Your Trip To London” is your travel agent, take it with you on any ebook reader, or on your PC/Mac, and start living your english life! You will fall in love with London, you have my word!