I discovered a Local Adwords Goldmine!

Posted by Admin | Posted in Informations | Posted on 11-08-2011


More time I pass on Warrior Forum, more things I buy. It’s true!
Yesterday night I’ve got a new video series called “Local Adwords Goldmine” by Michael Atma and Aiden Chong, and let me confess it’s a great WSO, listed this morning as a “WSO of the Day”.

This is a video course with transcripts, easy to watch and comprehend.
The techniques you will learn are all based around Google Adwords, and you will learn how to sell advertising to the local businesses requiring more visitors on their website.
The army knife of “Local Adwords Goldmine” is that permits you to offer a 100% customized service to each local business.

You will learn, through the videos, the methods to:

  • Launch a great Adwords campaign.
  • Check the costs and get proof of your expense.
  • Save on click’s cost.
  • 2 big places to study competitor’s campaigns.
  • How to get back your expenses plus your earnings in a fast time.
  • And a lot more!

This is one of the few WSO that you need to take and study, because it offers a huge value for a small price, and again it’s filled by tips and tricks by one man that made this business work for real, with proofs of income shown on sales page.

It’s a new system to earn money with local business Adwords campaigns, it’s pretty fast to do, and you can get big results for them, and for you. Because shops, dentists, chiropractors and so on are ready to pay you a big check to send them visitors. Never forget this particular!

Last thing, you will obtain 2 bonuses with the purchase of the video series:

Bonus 1) Offline Wizardry
A system composed by 2 MP3s and 7 PDF reports, to win the battle over the offline marketing competitors, getting easy customers without cold calling and through interviews.

Bonus 2) Growing your Business with Adwords
A very useful compendium released by Google, with all what you need to comprehend the real use of Adwords platform, and how to organize your job.

As you can see, there is so much things to learn about Adwords, and especially if you are planning to get $250 every 15 minutes like the author! So “Local Adwords Goldmine” is just what you need for easy and fast cash!