The Simple List Building Technique Review

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Many of you know Barb Ling has been my coach when I started this business a long time ago, and she guided me through online marketing to become a good product seller, very focused on helping you, the customers.

So anytime she has news, I can’t resist checking them out, and then letting you know… like this time when she launched “The Simple List Building Technique“, together with Dennis Becker.

This time she released a product that show you 70 and more ways to build your list, your more valuable thing ever. 

So, instead of looking around for ways to build your list, you will have them all in one place, described with clarity. 

Inside the guide you will also find how to care about your list in an effective way (and Barb Ling do this really well on her own!) and a ready-made daily plan to follow to avoid getting lost – you will always know exactly what to do each day! 

I really recommend this Simple List Building Tech, because it includes everything I learned in years of tests in one single book, great tips that will turn you into an excellent list builder and list keeper.

If you really want to build your list fast, check out The Simple List Building Technique, you will find a lot of great techniques to follow to become a great list builder.

Thanks so much and see you soon!
Alessandro Zamboni

List Dominion Review

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List Dominion


Jeff Baxter and Abdulmagid Zanati have just released “List Dominion“, one of their best courses to date that’s not only going to show you how to grow your mailing list but they’re also giving you a plug and play system so that you can start making affiliate sales as soon as tonight!

As the old saying goes “The Money Is In The List”, you’re about to get access to a course that’s going to show you how to build your mailing list at rapid speed, and how to cash in with you rnew mailing list without any wait.

The course is delivered in video modules, so that’s easy to learn new concept. Module 1 is good for newbies of list building, but Module 2 and 3 are advanced modules that give you the tricks to let solo ads work, and to discover two new techniques:  the warm market messaging and the timeline supercharged.

You will also learn how to write the right messages, and the right products to promote to collect extra fast commissions without any waiting. If you’ve been struggling to get your online business off the ground with your own list, then “List Dominion” is without doubt the next course you must study!

Super Easy Cash Machine Review

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Super Easy Cash Machine

Super Easy Cash Machine” by Branden Pierce, Anwesh Rath and David Kirby show you the real step by step method to start earning big dollars per day, from scratch and also if you don’t have a business yet. The system is based on
list building techniques, and it’s based on 3 easy steps.

You learn how to build your list via solo ads, turning freebie seekers into customers and you learn how to scale up your business, by building a second income stream. Finally how to create the third one by creating brand new products.

Every phase is explained in detail, and this method is really good for who has or has not a list yet. Good for newbies, if they follow the course starting from the first phase, it becomes awesome for expert marketers if  they start from phase two. If you really want to set the foundation of your business, or expand your actual one, this is absolutely a huge first step into that direction.

If you really want to put financial frustration behind you, and learn how to say “no” to all the other big gurus around (except me, obviously!), this “Super Easy Cash Machine” is something special and complete, from A to Z.

10 Ways to Build Your List

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This is an article I prepared the last two weeks, adding any idea the blog subscriber submitted to me, and the results are really astonishing, because now everyone can check and select their favorite points!
Building a list seems difficult for newbies, but sometimes also the top marketers find some difficulties in the building process. That’s why the times are changing, and by one side we must offer more to our subscribers, and second we need to pay real attention to the subscriber’s needs.

Here is the list about the 10 top ways to enhance your list building through GETRESPONSE:

  • Content Relevancy : Your visitors nowaday will not leave their own email on the first web page they find, also if it is free. You must provide quality contents, useful ideas, or a well made and designed product that can interest them all.
  • Subscription Forms : While I surf the web, I always see a big error in blogs and websites. The subscription form stays always on the first page. But the visitors will come to your blog from every link to every page, so it is a good idea to leave your form on each and every page, in the same place or trying to change position. This increase your signup rate!
  • Catch Subscribers on Social Networks : Do you know you can place your autoresponder code straight on your Facebook Page? Or that you can advertise your squeeze page on every social network available? This is a biggest resource, and it’s stupid to avoid using it!
  • Provide a Sample : I know it’s difficult to get subscribers, but if on your website you place a page with “Newsletters” and you paste there your first 2 newsletters, as example, I’m sure that people will signup! That’s why they can determine the quality of your work.
  • Give Away Quality Gifts : Many internet marketers just give away a bait report and then start to send rubbish once or more a day. This let you lose all your signups! Try instead to deliver, once a week, a quality bonus the subscribers could use for their daily operations. This will fix the subscribers to your list! And do not always insert other opt-in links, but free download links, or gifts delivered after a survey, just to make you two clear examples.
  • Guest Blogging : This is another win-win situation. You check the blogs of your same niche, and contact the administrator to ask if you can send a free guest post with a link at the end. They generally accept, and this brings you fresh traffic from another blog, letting you decide if is better to use a squeeze page or direct them to your blog.
  • Make Signup Form Easy : A few years ago in a signup form there was Name, Surname, Email and sometimes Phone request. Today, to avoid privacy issues, people like to signup on easy autoresponder snippets who are requesting just their email address and nothing else. This is the new way to follow!
  • Archive your Newsletters : One of the best ideas for running your newsletter politely, is to build up a website or a part of your blog with all the past messages you sent, so that new users can access them and check up your style. Archive them by first to latest, and you will make a great favor to your subscribers.
  • Legal Pages : Remember always to include a link in your newsletters that bring readers to your privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer and compensation disclosure. There are software or products who help you in writing down this documents. They are fundamental to run you rbusiness by the right side of barricade.
  • Squeeze Pages : This is a typical page in which the marketer (you) offers a free products to the visitor (the future subscriber). A good idea is to include testimonials on the page, so that, before subscribing, the visitors could get an idea about the quality. This can be made offering a free bonus for who wants to leave the feedback. Then, pay attention to your main headline, and place a quality video on it. You will grab even more subscribers publishing an Ad on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and so on.

Try to follow 1 or more of this tips and your list building will get a boost for sure! And if you haven’t an autoresponder yet, grab a Getresponse account, this is what I use by 3 years without a problem!

How to Write your own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page ?

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How to build Lead Pulling Squeeze Pages

Today Robert Puddy just released a brilliant new report named “How To Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page“.

It’s a 15 page report fullfilled on details on how to gain not just a subscriber but how to monetize the free process of list building.
Robert will also give you the 4 prebuilt Web Pages he used to monetize his list building and build also a list of money in hand buyers.

The better thing is that buying your copy you also become an instant affiliate getting 100% commissions on sales staright into your Paypal account if you decide to resell the product on your way.
In this way with just only 1 sale you have fully paid your product, and from the selling number 2 you are abolutely in profit !
If instead you are a smart marketer and you want to fully rebrand this report with your personal affiliate details, you have the possibility to buy also this option for nuts.

The contents are very useful, and the chapter’s list is :

  • Introduction to Squeeze Pages
  • The Squeeze Page System
  • What You Need Before Starting
  • Planning Your Squeeze Page Theme
  • How to Write a Squeeze Page that Converts
  • Tips on Increasing Your Squeeze Page Conversion Rate
  • Driving Targeted Traffic into Your Squeeze Page
  • About the Squeeze Page Templates
  • Recommended Resources

You will receive also a lot of Ebooks bonuses, related to Internet Marketing and really precious.
And naturally Robert Puddy is not the first user… is a master of List Building and the connected tactics, so your money are always well spent.

The price ? Only 7$ for a complete Squeeze Pages Building tactic, plus 5 Templates, plus a lot of bonuses and 100% Resale Rights !

Take a look to see how powerful is How To Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page !