Crowdfunding for Authors Review

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Crowdfunding for Authors

Everytime Miss K, or Krizia, release something, it becomes a WSO Of The Day. “Crowdfunding for Authors” it’s the best case study you may purchase, because shows you how Alinka got $9,470 for launching her book series thanks to a crowdfunding website called Indiegogo.

The front end offer is made up of a good book, and some additional bonuses. Alinka, the stay-at-home mom, did it all with no list, no marketing experience, no prior experience in crowdfunding and English is not her first language! So this is open to anyone, and that’s why I grabbed my copy in time.

A good 90% of book authors fail to promote their books because they don’t have the time or money to do so, and that’s sad. But now you can really count on crowdfunding, and with this WSO you will never miss a step to your success, guided by the experience of these two girls. You will learn how to start your crowdfunding campaign, how to setup the perks and how to achieve success. Because without this method, it’s really easy to fail with crowdfunding.

So, if you want to have good money covering your work on Kindle, “Crowdfunding for Authors” is really a gem. And once you learn, you can even manage other people books (it’s just my point of view, but you can become a “crowdfunding manager”!)

Erotica Decoded Review

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Erotica Decoded


Did you know there’s a hidden Kindle market that is churning out more full-time bestselling authors than any other? These successful authors and publishers are cashing in life-changing sums every single month from their Kindle sales.

My good friend Krizia has tracked down a really successful publisher and she’s mercifully drilled him to find out how he generates $30,000/month on Kindle with his Erotica books. And so it’s born “Erotica Decoded“, an incredible guide on how to dominate this Kindle market. If you’ve not had much success on Kindle so far, this is your Golden Ticket!

The Erotica market is by far the most lucrative one on Kindle, but only if you know what you’re doing. Here’s the best part, you don’t even have to write one single word to profit. Since none of the big 6 publishers are able to figure out how to tap into the Erotica market and profit from it, it leaves the door wide open for smaller publishers like us.

Erotica readers are as addicted to their daily naughty reads as die-hard Starbucks coffee drinkers to their daily brew. This market is red hot and begging for new e-books to read. You’ll want to check out how you can start making real money from Kindle. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you have to check this out because she spills half the beans in the “sales” video alone.

This training is step-by-step and explained really really well. It’s so simple that you could create a real publishing success story in not time with your eyes closed! Don’t wait too long because Krizia told me that “Erotica Decoded” will sell for 10 times the current price really soon!

Kindle Bestseller Blueprint Review

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Kindle Bestseller Blueprint


Two days ago I saw this great WSO, that yesterday became a WSO Of The Day. It’s “Kindle Bestseller Blueprint“.
Krizia, alias Miss K, has got WSO Of The Day on this big release, a wonderful video course on how to achieve bestseller rankings, and increase your sales that way.
The entire course is developed on 6 modules, each one including a video and a downloadable PDF file.

Module 1 is a simple introduction to Kindle marketplace, while Module 2 gives straight indications on how to discover the basics of publishing.
Module 3 helps you to comprehend the real ebook creation as well as publishing of it, presenting good tools that will help you really much.
Module 4 gives some good ideas on how to use your 5 days of promo to get good results even if you give away the ebook for free.

Module 5 shows you the core of the method, showing you how to reach bestseller rankings by planning and by analyzing the 3 points to become a best seller in a fast way, giving you the basics to sell a big number of
copies in no more than 48 hours. The Module 6 provide a recap of all what has beed said into the whole video course, and it’s just a PDF to download and to consult every time you have some doubts.

So “Kindle Bestseller Blueprint” is a good Kindle WSO, that sold hundreds of copies in the first two days since release, and if you didn’t have got it, it’s time to run to the sales page and check it out!