Investigator Mistery Plots Review

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Investigator Mistery Plots


Mavis Amouzou Akue released her new series of “Investigator Mistery Plots“, a new set of 10 incredibly detailed plots. Getting plots you can start editing them to create your unique story, or outsource them to your favorite freelancer to get back original stories.

The advantage of plots in the “investigator mistery” area is that you are going to target a huge genre loved by millions of people around the globe, and you have all the ingredients to prepare a wonderful book, because each plot includes all what you need to create unlimited stories.

The great thing in this plot series is that the plots provided are arranged in a beautiful series, where you can mix episodes, or proceed with Mavis list of events. People really forgot how beautiful and absorbing this type of mistery fiction is, and if you consider that on Amazon there are just 8,000 books in investigator series, you can comprehend how much are people searching for new incredible books to read.

So, if you want to explore a new huge market, these “Investigator Mistery Plots” are exactly what you need to start from zero. If you have a writer’s block, or you can’t find a way to create new stories from zero, these are new, incredibly detailed and with characters created for you!

20 Kindle Romance Plots Review

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20 Kindle Romance Plots

Temper Thompson and Kiet Truong have released a few minutes ago their new collection of Kindle plots, named “20 Kindle Romance Plots“. Inside this package you can find twenty high quality plots completed for you with all the details, like:

  • 1,500 – 2,500 words per plot
  • Character details
  • Exposition
  • Rising action
  • Climax
  • Falling action
  • Resolution
  • Ending
  • Advice on how to get started with these plots
  • And much much more!

When writer’s block hits us, it’s difficult to come out with something so exceptional to write, so these 20 plots, written with much care by an English mothertongue are something special. You can:

  • Pass them all to a freelancer to get a book ready
  • Use them to kill your writer’s block before it starts
  • Turn each and every plot into a beautiful story
  • Use them once after the other to generate a following
  • You can turn them in foreigner’s language books (that’s what I do)
  • And more!

These plots are clear, concise and to the point. You will find also characters details, so it will be easy to create your list of book’s characters to keep ready. There’s full quality here, and if you need a good hand, look at these awesome “20 Kindle Plots“!

10 Kindle Romance Plots Review

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10 Kindle Romance Plots


I love these “10 Kindle Romance Plots” because they give you a step by step plan to launch your new successful book on Kindle or CreateSpace. Even if you have no ideas on what to write about, or if writer’s block is hitting you in a bad way, now you have a solution.

I love plots because each one, with the same plot, can generate a brand new book that have nothing in common with all the others, because our fantasy can turn these information into a beautiful story. Each one of these high quality plots include:

  • 1,500 – 2,500 words of contents to plasm into your story.
  • A complete character development.
  • A solid exposition.
  • All about rising action, climax and falling action.
  • The resolution.
  • A good final of the story you can turn into your own.
  • Advices on how to start editing or outsourcing the plots.
  • And much much more!

And more you get some awesome bonuses, like 5 awesome and complete cozy mystery plots bringing the total plots at 15, plus a book outsourcing blueprint and a book formatting software to turn formatting into an easy game.

These “10 Kindle Romance Plots” (+ 5 as bonuses) will give you ideas and final books for all this 2015 and even a good part of 2016. Invest in them, and start creating your beautiful books without problems!

Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots V2 Review

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Cosy Mistery Fiction Plots V2


Mavis Amouzou released a brand new set of 4 plots for your next books inside her own “Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots V2“. These plots are located in little towns or zones, places that the reader starts to love as soon as he/she takes up the book. These plots include everything you can need to create your set of new stories, things like:

  • Logline: this is the real essence of your story, a short view.
  • Plot summary: this describes each chapter facts with much detail.
  • Character’s list: here you will find all the details about the characters present inside the story.

Being cozy misteries one of the most lucrative sub-genres inside the crime and mistery fiction, they guarantee you a lot of readers waiting for something new to read, and for some series to love. Now it’s the right time to start writing your next success in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Last but not least, inside the ZIP file you will find a step by step guide on how to customize your plots to create outstanding ficiton books. Conside that the big names in this industry are Jessica Fletcher and Agatha Christie, just to tell you a couple.

Now you have all what you need to turn your ideas into something huge: just grab these “Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots V2“, change names, details and locations and you have a brand new book or ebook ready for the sales over Amazon, Kindle or any other library!

10 Kindle Plots Review

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10 Kindle Plots

These “10 Kindle Plots” by Temper Thompson are a huge advantage for any author, because they could be turned in fresh and new books in a few hours, not days or entire months! And if you don’t have time, you could also outsource them to get the work done by freelancers!

At the moment, they are sold for less than $1,30 each, and they are top quality romances. Each plot is made with 1,000 to 2,500 words in length and have a summary. Then you can find the character
development, exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.

Last but not least, you will get suggestions on how to start with your plots, so you have not to become crazy in finding an easy and fast way. This Temper Thompson Kindle wso is awesome, and if you are fast you can grab this awesome pack of “10 Kindle Plots” for a low price!

Last thing, if Kindle is not for you, you can always sell them for Nook, Kobo or one of the other tens of readers available on market, or even on CreateSpace as a paper book!

This is a good series of intricate plots that will make your readers happy, and romances sell so fast! It’s proven! Make your choice, these Kindle plots won’t be available for a long time!

10 Kindle Bestseller Plots Review

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Kindle Plots

Kindle Bestseller Plots is a set of 10 brand new plots in mistery, suspense and thriller genre, with robust details on characters and settings, with video instructions. Created by an award-winning creative director, they’re awesome and user friendly! Take advantage of them!

A good plot can be turned into a top novel, in a brilliant short story or anything you like. But you need to apply yourself, and if you stick to your job, you can get great results with these plots. Anyway, dedicating just a few hours to change the details of each story, things like names and places, you have all the ingredients to build a super Kindle book in few hours, or if you want to take things easy, a few days only.

Every chapter is organized in sub chapters, so that you get all the situations to close each chapter so well that your next book will seems written by a master.

That’s why I love plots, even because they are great if you turn them in other languages story. So if you are not English, like me, it will be also a pleasure to turn them into stories in your own language.

That’s the real power behind these 10 Kindle Bestseller Plots, a superb idea of Stevie Drive.

Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots Review

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Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots


The Cozy Mystery sub-niche is one of the most profitable Kindle niches available nowadays. It is in high demand but with very little competition, and these titles are in the Amazon Top 20 and Amazon Top 100 Bestseller Lists oftenly, making
their authors a lot of dollars. That’s why you can’t afford to ignore this niche!

Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots” is a collection of 5 completely original cozy mystery plots written as a series, that means more profits on the horizon. They are plots the product owner is confident will sell really well to the Cozy Mystery Readership.  I’m not promising they will make you the next Jessica Fletcher, but you can really gran your spot!

Each plot comes with a logline, the real essence of your story, a short summary, that shows you the basic storyline with details, a character list with core conflicts, stakes, suggestions and a phenomenal 10 chapter outline, a step by step review of each chapter with a short review. For this reason these plots are superior to any other release, and can really give you a huge advantage over competitors!

Go and take a serious look to “Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots“, detailed as no other set I saw for sale, and builded to permit you to create your series!