Publishing Beyond KDP Review

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Publishing Beyond KDP


Kindle is a crowded marketplace, and there’s a lot of competition. But don’t be scared about this, as there’s yet hope… If you are publishing only on Kindle marketplace you are doing a huge disservice to your books and to your bottom line, and “Publishing Beyond KDP” will help you to discover more marketplaces.

There are many other book publishing sites that have a massive number of potential buyers. There is a publishing world beyond kindle… and it’s less competitive and often, more lucrative. My friend Debbie Drum has put together a solution that shows you in less than 5 minutes per platform you can be on your way to selling more books to more buyer, and how to publish to sites like iBooks and Google books without a middleman that you need to pay an additional percentage to.

Publishing directly allows you to make more money for your hard work! If you have books that are not selling on kindle–don’t give up and don’t write that book off!  By the end of the day you can have your books up on more sites with the potential of making passive income with little to no marketing!

And from what I learned, Debbie has a lot of books that outsells Kindle versions on these new portals. Invest in “Publishing Beyond KDP“, and you will really dominate your niche!

KDP Select Cracked Review

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KDP Sales Cracked

Mavis Amouzou-Akue, with the pen name of Jenny Collins, has really destroyed every Kindle record with her “KDP Select Cracked” method. She gets thousands of free downloads, she reaches the Amazon Top 100, and then she become a paid bestseller in many different categories. How the hell can she does all of this?

The sales letter opens with some exceptional case studies of her recent book launches, with the number of free downloads, and the number of paid downloads. They are incredible, because for every new book she’s able to achieve from 3,800 to 6,300 free downloads, that later generate lots of paid sales!

Yes, because the power of reaching big free downloads always gives you the opportunity to become a bestseller! But if you do it on your own, you will never reach these amounts. And it’s also terribly difficult to achieve good rankings and make so many sales!

All this can be achieved by paying $25 per book, that you will be able to get back with more dollars some days after. This is one of the quickest, simplest and money making method I’ve ever seen for the Kindle marketplace, and it’s completely white-hat, that is fundamental.

My suggestion is to try “KDP Select Cracked” at its full power, and you will be happy about the results you’ll achieve! The ebook is not for sale at $9.97, but be fast!

Kindle Researcher Review

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Kindle Researcher


I never saw a research tool made just for Kindle marketplace, and this “Kindle Researcher” does the task in a special way. It’s a proven and tested software to check information and statistics about your topic or your broad niche, to analyze the competition on your field of expertise, and to see the best price for which you may sold your book.
Not only that, as you can check also the best phrases or keywords to insert in your title and in your description.

And last but not least you may also find big reviewers, able to read and share a review of your book.
Easy to install, and even more simple to use. This is the power of this tool, created for making Kindle publisher’s life easy.
This software solves a lot of problems, doing all the research in just a few seconds and giving you a big advantage over your competitors, that are not using this software for sure!
You can also print out your researches for a better reading, and do it in a step by step way.

And obviously you can even resell your searches on Fiverr, for $4 a hit (for running the software and exporting results), or use them just for your publishing.
This software is an invaluable tool, nothing to say!
I recommend “Kindle Researcher” to any writer that wants to achieve better rankings, and a bigger volume of sales on Kindle marketplace!