Keyword Suggestion 2.0 Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 01-07-2013


Keyword Suggestion 2.0 Review


Keyword Suggestion 2.0” is a new brilliant and easy tool for searching low-competition long tail keywords in mere minutes.
This is more than a simple keyword search program, as it is a 3 in 1 software for really dominating and grabbing a great position on search engines.
The main module in fact interrogates Google about the best long tail keywords to use for better rankings.

But thanks to the “Idea Generator” tool, you will be able to identify even more keywords just entering your main one.
So if you have no ideas, you can get more just from your first keyword. A useful addition!
Last but not least, you can even count on another good tool: the Analysis one.

This tool analyze the specified keyword’s traffic in last month, the cost per click on Adwords, and the KEI, that measures competition.
This keyword tool, if compared to other ones, it focus on commercial interest of each keywords. This makes it unique.
And remember that is 20 times easier to rank for long tail keywords than for a big keyword.

So this “Keyword Suggestion 2.0” is a unique tool, that works and that gives you the real long tail keywords to rank better, and in multiple places!