KDP Select Cracked Advanced Review

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KDP Select Cracked Advanced


I have heard it argued that getting free downloads for your Kindle books will not lead to sales after your KDP Free Days have ended. But, we typically hear that argument from people whose book promotions have been unsuccessful. Rather than listen to the fear-mongerers, Mavis Amouzou-Akue likes give her books an honest chance at success and promote her books as if every book is going to Amazon’s next best seller!

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Mavis isn’t going to ask you to simply “take her word for it” that she has had some real success selling her books in Amazon’s Kindle marketplace. In her newest product, produced with the help of Bill Platt, Mavis is going to show you:

  •  Her formula for creating the next best seller.
  • 11-Point Checklist defining questions that must be answered about any niche, before you start creating books in those niches.
  • The one method that has proven itself to be the most-effective and reliable strategy for getting reviews for her books.
  • Two book promotion strategies (one semi-free and one paid strategy).
  • An assessment of how the first book:
  1. Received 29,350 free downloads during its KDP Free Day;
  2. Reached #2 in the Kindle Store Free Rankings;
  3. Bounced into the Kindle Paid Rankings at #571;
  4. Went on to generate 444 actual sales at $2.99;
  5. Profited $800, after the cost of promotion was subtracted from the gross earnings.
  • An assessment of why the second book barely broke even, and how you can avoid the same mistakes Mavis made with this book promotion.

It is one thing to know what works. It is another to understand how an effective system can be changed to ensure failure. Within “KDP Select Cracked Advanced,” you will see what works, and what not to change to keep from breaking this proven system. 🙂 This course is being delivered in three PDF files, including:

  1.  Kindle Select Cracked Advanced Blueprint (42-page PDF)
  2. Case Studies (96-page PDF)
  3. Analysis of the Case Studies (8-page PDF)

It is being offered as a dime-sale, starting at $11.97, so be sure to get your copy now to avoid paying a higher price.

===> http://blogindabox.com/u.php?569

There are two up-sell products available with this offer:

  •  “5 Profitable Kindle Niche Reports You Can Use To Write Your Next Bestseller!” (69-page PDF) – Provides in-depth research on 5 book niches that could be really profitable. The PDF goes on to show you how to use  the 11-Point Checklist, described in the main product, to validate the choice of these five niches.
  • Kindle Case Study Club” (58-page PDF) – This is a monthly program that will deliver the first case study to you upon purchase, then send the next eleven case studies on the 28th of each month. In order to help you get the most value from this program, Mavis and Bill will present a Case Study Q&A Webinar on the first Thursday of the following month, where YOU can ask questions about the case studies presented. For those who are unable to attend the live presentation, you will be able to submit your questions in advance and watch the recording of the webinar at your convenience.

Bottom line is that this is an outstanding package that will show you:

  • How to select the right niches to write your books;
  • The 11-Point Checklist that you should be using when you research your niche;
  • How to create a book that people will want to buy;
  • How you can get 20,000 free downloads in 24 hours;
  • How to generate hundreds of sales after your KDP Free Days;
  • Two proven book promotion strategies;
  • Case Study evidence of the paid promotion strategy in action;
  • Analysis of what works and what doesn’t with your KDP Select promotions.

And, if you want even more-advanced materials, you will want to pick up one or both of the up-sell products.

==> http://blogindabox.com/u.php?569

Thanks and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni