KD World Domination Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 17-09-2014


KD World Domination

Andreas Quintana launched “KD World Domination” just yesterday, and it’s definitely something new on the Amazon Kindle panorama. In fact thanks to this training, you will be able to learn many new things, including:

  1. How to uncover new and hot trends that are literally taking off from Amazon, giving you a never seen before adantage over your competitors.
  2. How to test your book cover before it goes online, to know if it will be a success, or if it’s better to change it with a new one. Much of your sales depend just on your cover!
  3. How to position your books before your direct competitors, being sure to sell much more copies than usual.
  4. A clear step by step on how to be sure your book will sell like hotcakes.

This is a solid guide coming from one of the most acknowledged Kindle authors, and you can be sure to learn something new to help you make more sales!
As you can see there’s much value, but what made me choose this product are just the first two points, because you know I’m a trends lover, and I pay a lot of attention on my covers 🙂 And this “KD World Domination” really rocks!