KD Researcher 2.0 Review

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KD Researcher 2.0

Sam England and Bill Platt have released this afternoon a new edition of their awesome software to conquer the bestsellers chart on Amazon with your Kindle books: “KD Researcher 2.0“.

What can you learn about the “Top 100” books in any category in the United States or the United Kingdom? A lot, if you are using the right tool. This software is now available, and it will allow you to compare the Top 100 books in any category and side by side, so that you will be able to see immediately the:

  • Book Covers
  • Book Titles
  • Overall Amazon Sales Ranking
  • Price
  • Year of Publication
  • Number of Pages
  • Number of Reviews
  • Average Rating
  • And more!

If you find a book that you want to see the description, just click the link and you will be brought to the sales page in a new window. Take notes of the interesting things, compare many books at once and elaborate your own plan of attack to sell more books and enter the glorious Bestsellers list! Not with one book only, with all your ones!

Doing this manually is incredibly difficult, and you will lose days to cover all these information page by page by selecting the best books. Thanks to “KD Researcher 2.0” this is not anymore just a dream. You can do it in minutes!

KD Researcher Software Review

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KD Researcher Software

Sam England and Bill Platt, two of the most reputable Kindle marketers and experts, relesead “KD Research Software“, an awesome tool that could run on Windows and Mac, being an Adobe Air application. What it does is researching your favorite categories and sub-categories and showing you all the useful results you need.

You will discover the real importance of market research, a step overlooked by the most, that instead is a must to be sure your past and next books will sell lots of copies. Instantly discover, in a single window, what your market’s top sellers are doing on Kindle marketplace, including title, cover, description, price and much more! Save your time and get real results!

With this tool you can really get a boost over your competitors, studying their successes and their losses! Emulate the same actions that made other books so successful, and comprehend the secrets behind each book on your category. This tool has really no limits, and the time you can save will repay this software in just a few days!

That’s why “KD Research Software” is so unique and powerful, and more… you can trust Kindle VIPs like Sam England and Bill Platt!