KD Exp Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 16-01-2015


KD Exp

My dear friend Paul Coleman did a little experiment in last month, and today is ready to show us the huge results he got in: “KD Exp – Kindle Case Study“. The technique he used is really simple: he put the main keyword he was targeting in the book title, and made a free post on FB. That’s all!

His book is still earning over $1,000 a month, without stopping. And achieved an extra good ranking too, consequent to so many sales. This is a fantastic case study, something rare you won’t find elsewhere. It includes:

  • The eBook.
  • The niche he targeted.
  • The main keyword he used.
  • The facebook post he written.
  • All his incredible knowledge on Kindle books.

The system runs completely on autopilot, once set up, and works for both fiction and nonfiction books. I’ve had a chance to check out Paul guide, and it’s awesome like usual. Lots of contents, ideas and a lot of real proofs. And the system is really easy!

Paul Coleman’s “KD Exp” will be available for a really short time, so I highly recommend you to grab it now. I believe Paul is planning on taking it down in a few days from launch!