KD Addiction Review

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KD Addiction


KD Addiction” by Bolaji ‘O is a solid guide that will show you how an indie author is able to get $12K checks like clockwork, by releasing perfect fiction books, like people desire. The method is not a brand new technique, but a set of methods here to stay for a long time.

You will be shown the unique right way to write easy series in just a few days per book, and how to catch reader’s attention, the most difficult thing where 99% of authors fail. Because everyone is good in getting number 1 book of a series sold, but how many times you see your sales continuing after book 1? I bet a few.

You will learn a total 0f 23 incredible tricks to get coming back readers to purchase all your series titles, and how to always leave your fans excited without getting them to discover your next plots. More, you will learn 5 great ways to avoid losing your readers at book one!

If you check also the bonuses, you will see the huge value of this book. “KD Addiction” is without any doubt something incredible for fiction writers and authors, and you can take full advantage from it since day one. Now your sales will come straight from your series!