25 Gorgeous Designer eCovers Review

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25 Gorgeous Designer Ecovers


My dear friend Kate Luella released an incredible high value collection of ebook covers, named “25 Gorgeous Designer eCovers“.
Do you know how difficult it is to come out with the right ecover idea? Or how costly it is to get it designed for you by freelancers?
Without thinking about all the errors they make, corrections to do and various problems that can damage your entire cover!

This is a spectacular collection of 25 stunning ebook covers, ready to customize with or without Adobe Photoshop.
You receive PSD copies, ready to edit with Photoshop, and JPG copies in which you can just insert your name, without needing costly software.
There are ecovers for the best niches, that you can adjust and make your own.

Your Amazon ebooks will get a great value from these covers. How many times you did not purchased a book just because the cover was not professional?
I did it, and many times too! A wonderful designed cover helps you to increase the sales, and the perceived value by your future customers too!

This package of 25 covers is just what you need for selling more Amazon Kindle ebooks.
And if you decide to purchase the OTO, you will receive 3d covers and an Adobe Photoshop Action Script to create new covers, with example files.
Kate Luella always create great WSO, and this “25 Gorgeous Designer eCovers” is just what you need to create awesome covers in minutes!

Sell Sell Sell Your Digital Products Review

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Sell Sell Sell Your Digital Products


Kate Luella, a personal friend and professional author, has released “Sell Sell Sell Your Digital Products“, two ebooks to learn how to resell your products on eBay and Craigslist.
These two ebooks are really well written, with lot of research and experience on the topic, because she has put a lot of attention especially on the new rules of these two networks and on eBay new prices.
Imagine how your business can take advantage of these two awesome platforms, and discover how easy it is to resell your own products, or general master resale rights packages, for example.

Ebay and Craigslist, together and every year, are able to generate 120 millions of visitors. It’s a lot of people!
The eBay guide shows you the new introduced price changes that will take place the next May, and how to trick the system to get your ebooks accepted for selling! Because you know, eBay doesn’t allow the resale of digital books!
And it shows you also how to create your own magic sales funnel! To achieve more sales!

The Craigslist guide too explains a lot of key concepts to avoid all the usual problems, including how to pass all the spam filters, and how to avoid to get your ad slammed.
So your ads will be live and running to take up sales and sales on daily basis.

This “Sell Sell Sell Your Digital Products” is a great surprise, as the 2 ebooks really are opening your mind. And if you buy the OTO, you can grab PLR and MRR rights with additional bonuses!


Kate Luella’s Podcast PLR Package

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Ready Set Podcast PLR Pack


Kate Luella has published her first PLR package on Warrior Forum. It is “Ready Set Podcast PLR Package“.
As soon as I saw this offer I though about the usual little PLR sold for big cash, instead I was amazed reading her sales letter!
This is absolutely the best PLR package I saw in latest 5 years. Discover why.

Kate developed this package about podcasts, a good niche because everyone desires to launch his podcast, but only a few are good.
That’s why it’s difficult to set everything up, record and diffuse the podcast!
So this PLR guide could be used first for learning, and secondly for getting a lot of people involved.
Imagine how many sales you can make or how many leads you can get registered for access…

The contents of this awesome podcast plr are the following:

  • How to create a free podcast show (4,569 words, around 20 A4 pages)
  • How to host a podcast interview (4,332 words, around 21 A4 pages)
  • Worksheet (this is phenomenal)
  • Mindmap (useful!)
  • 15 PLR Articles
  • 25 Tweet quotes

Imagine how many things you can do with this spectacular package.
Every ebook comes with images, and you get PLR rights also on them!

And if you are searching for videos, pay attention to Kate’s OTO!
She provides:

  • 7 videos in MP4 format
  • 75 Powerpoint slides
  • 2 customizable Powerpoint video intros
  • Spectacular banners for promoting
  • 2 experts interviews

So grab now this “Ready Set Podcast PLR Package“, and start getting readers, followers and cash!