JVFocus Review

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JV Focus


When I heard that William Murray was shutting down the WSO JVC FB Group, I felt disoriented and sad. One of the best JV groups ever created has been shut down forever for personal issues of the administrator. And now? What to do? I saw that William and his son Liam are keeping a membership site called JV Focus, and without thinking anymore I jumped in on this magic train.

JV Focus” is a low price monthly membership, that you can decide to join for a lifetime, or by paying on monthly or yearly basis. But what it provides? Here is what will you find inside:

1) A Super Learning Platform – where you and your business can grow on daily basis. All the contents available on JVFocus are archived forever, so that you will be able to research any topic you want to learn more about it. Grow your own authority and become an expert day by day!

2) Live Real-Time Chat – available in private or public chat rooms. Interact directly on JVFocus.com with any member all over the world in real-time.

3) Video & Audio Conferencing with your JV Focus friends! And if you decide to become a Lifetime founder, you can even participate in the calls and webinars created by William with the IM experts, by asking your questions to the expert! And more, all the recordings are available for you to be downloaded!

4) Advertise Products & Services – The forum have a section for advertising services and products, in which you can promote your own things, or purchase a service! You decide!

5) Experts, Friends & Colleagues – Because when you jump into a place like this, you will make real friends! And they can become experts in the moment of need, colleagues and JV partners!

This is absolutely a lovely place to stay, and in my first week, I’ve found a 1:25 hours call with Michael Millman, expert of “charismatic copywriting” and I learned how to build a professional sales letter without purchasing
WSOs, and without looking around like crazy. What I didn’t learned in my first 5 years of IM, needed just a few minutes to be found here!

JV Focus” is the holy grail of every internet marketer. Come in, join it and you will grow with me, with William and with Liam Murray!