TTS Video Studio Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 15-10-2014



Today I review “TTS Video Studio“, a revised product by Jimmy Mancini, dear friend and well known marketer. It’s a big tool to create awesome videos with your images, soundtracks and with voices available in many languages that will read the text for you in a great way.

This is really easy to use, no learning curves, as I started adding a few video clips and images to create my first video! I was able to add background music, a watermark with my logo, special effects like fade in and fade out, a background image behind my video and captions!

I clicked on “create video”, waited a few minutes and I got the most amazing video that I have ever seen and heard in a long
time! The voices are so natural, and available in a lot of languages, and the final result it’s really professional and seems recorded live by people.

This software is actually the best available, the most easy, and it works so better it seems a dream! Especially after trying a competitor product that recorded the voice so low that was not hearable, and low quality videos with no choices. If you want to create videos, go for this “TTS Video Studio” and don’t look elsewhere!