Silly Simple System Review

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Silly Simple System


Jeremy Kennedy presented yesterday his new “Silly Simple System“, a time tested and proven step by step method to get a constant flow of cash. The good thing about it is you build the system once, and you get paid even while you are building it.

This is really silly and simple. It’s so easy you will smile in front of this guide, but my suggestion for you is to read it all, apply it and check the results. It’s short, sweet and really to the point system, with easy steps. Jeremy used this system for years with a great success and economic return…

I always got good returns from Jeremy products, and I know that also this system works, because I applied and currently applying something similar in my own business. I’m sure you will be happy too in seeing the same results this delivers week by week. And remember, more you apply and more you get back…

By the end I can say this is a simple system you can use to set up a cool income stream as-you-go. “Silly Simple System” will take less than one week to setup, and when ready it will generate cash for you on daily basis.


48 Hour Golden Ticket Review

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48 Hour Golden Ticket


With “48 Hour Golden Ticket” by Jeremy Kennedy you may discover how to create a $197 offer to sell as your own in only a couple of hours. And more, you will learn how to add a $47 per month upsell in a few more minutes.

I’m used to big claims that at the end of the day are fake, but this time I wanted to purchase this WSO and check it out. What you get is a 13 pages guide and… nothing else.

The guide, anyway, was well made. Because without the need for hundreds of pages, guided me to a new project I never did before. Creating a $197 products in a hour per week, and add an easy upsell you can do in 20 minutes for $47 per month.

The product is good, the idea inside is great but for my opinion you can use it outside internet marketing. Choose anything from health, sports, hobbies, dating or something you are passionated with, and you will go great, really. You get also a $197 product sales page done by Jeremy, that you can check and get ideas from.

This is something I will add to my own to-do list, because I like how it’s done and how it brings you a good sum of money day by day! And that’s why I think this “48 Hour Golden Ticket” has been created with care.

Grandma’s Profit Revenge Review

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Grandma's Profit Revenge


Jeremy Kennedy presents in this products his mother Shelah, a fantastic person I’d the luck to know on Facebook from a few years. And this “Grandma’s Profit Revenge” shows you just what Jeremy did for her mother, in need of an easy and profitable system to earn while at home.

With the same method you are going to learn, Shelah was able to build a list of 194 people in less than 48 hours, and made $38.42 is just that time, from people that didn’t knew her. It’s something awesome, and I’m sure that in a month from now, she will earn a lot more, going up to at least $1.50 per people per month, like the good lists.

Buying this video course, you help Shelah in continuing his own home business by one side, and by the other you can follow her same path,  without any risk. You will learn basic and advanced things, and what I really likes was she explained the offer to avoid promoting, and some good automation concepts to work less but earning more at same time.

This is a fantastic 45 minute video, that walks you through the entire process, in an easy to follow step-by-step way. More, you can count on a direct interview recorded by Jeremy together with his mother Shelah. It’s easy to comprehend this product includes all the marketing experience of Jeremy, made easy by Shelah that built up a fantastic system with this “Grandma’s Profit Revenge“!

Golf Simplified PLR Pack Review

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Golf Simplified

It was a few time I didn’t purchased something about golf, one of the best niches I’ve had the luck to work on in the past years. I found an awesome pack called “Gold Simplified PLR Pack“, that includes all what you need to start selling from zero.

It includes a lot of stuff, and actually the price is still low. Inside you will find:

1) “5 Simple Steps To Better Golf (free report to distribute)
2) “How to Become a Short Game Magician” (eBook)
3) Squeeze page in html format.
4) Sales page in html formatm
5) Graphics, banners and eCover in PSD editable format.

You get an internet marketer, Jeremy Kennedy, together with a really experienced golf player, Bob Abrahamson, that is also a seasoned golf enthusiast with awesome writing skills! The final product is really well made because it’s made of quality, and not the usual PLR articles without anything particular.

On “Gold Simplified PLR Pack” you can get real concepts, real training and a lot of quality contents that you may turn in anything you want, even if in this case I really suggest you to use the websites to build up your ebook selling site!

Autoresponders 4 Neophytes Review

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Autoresponder 4 Neophytes


Jeremy Kennedy released “Autoresponders 4 Neophytes“, an incredible video tutorial package with the right information for newbies. It’s a great step by step course, with everything a person must know about autoresponder services, from
the most basic training to advanced tips and tricks.

Find good information around, on websites, is really difficult, because nowadays all website administrator made reviews paid by great companies, or simply advertises via their affiliate program, making so difficult to find real and trustable information. And with this course you can see there are many many advantages for you.

The video course is organized in bite-sized lessons inside 5 good modules, and each lesson is fast to comprehend even for who never heard the word “Autoresponder” before. A good training package to start using the power of autoresponder, and to become an acknowledged as well as experienced internet marketer!

More, together with “Autoresponders 4 Neophytes“, you get a complete list building sales funnel as a free bonus, with a lot of things inside, like a squeeze page, a free report, sales page, thank you page, full video course product to sell, video transcripts, swipe emails, graphic banners, graphic ecovers and promotional tools. Big value here!

Solo Broker’s Rolodex Review

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Solo Brokers Rolodex

If one of your most common questions is: “Where do I find vendors who’s clicks I can resell?” and you want to become a seller of solo ads without lifting a finger, “Solo Broker’s Rolodex” is definitely for you. In fact Jeremy Kennedy shows you how to become professional solo ad sellers without having a list!

And the earnings you can make are huge, because nowadays solo ads are really requested. Between the comments you can see that a person sold the first solo ad in 10 minutes by posting on FB groups, the second made up to $124 in only 72 hours, and the third made a good sale in the first 24 hours. These are unsolicited testimonials for a successful product that share a technique no one has ever thought before.

And if you don’t want to resell solo ads, you may also decide to purchase them for little prices, if compared to actual price on the market, and this is another great point.
So, if you are searching for a ready made business, easy to study and to put into action, this “Solo Broker’s Rolodex” is incredibly valuable!

Solo Ad Arbitrage Review

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Solo Ad Arbitrage


We have seen every type of WSO showing how to use solo ads for growing our lists. But “Solo Ads Arbitrage” let us make money with solo ads, by playing the man in the middle between who orders solo ads and who sells them.

So we won’t need any list, any autoresponder and no big fantasy in creating long newsletters. Yes, because we let sellers and buyers meet, and we reap big profits just for doing this! This is the real solo ad arbitrage!

What you will learn from this WSO is incredible, and here are some of the golden contents you’ll find on the inside…

  • How to earn from $45 to $150 a day or more, starting today.
  • How to work without lists, autoresponders, websites and experience.
  • Where to get cheapest clicks.
  • Where to find hungry buyers paying you for clicks.
  • The core method, all free.
  • Easy step by step instructions to follow.
  • How to build your own list without spending a penny, if you like the idea.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of solo ad arbitrage.
  • Some cool bonus tips and tricks.

This WSO in first days sold hundreds of copies, more than 500 to be precise, as you can see from Warrior Plus affiliate area, and there’s a reason. Because his systems work, without questions. So, if you want to finally make money from solo ads, this is the right moment to jump on the right train for success. It’s doable, and more simple than what you may think, with “Solo Ads Arbitrage“!

GPlus Affiliate Gold Rush Review

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GPlus Affiliate Gold Rush

I use social networks on daily basis, but I never thought about selling things on Google Plus, and this “GPlus Affiliate Gold Rush” just explains well how to sell affiliate items with ease! In fact after reading this super 13 pages guide, you can start getting sales starting from day one. It’s really easy, and you can sell physical items or digital items, including Amazon Associate items, custom TShirts, ebooks, video courses or accept also CPA offer clicks in exchange!

That’s why this product is huge, because it presents you a brand new marketplace, and it shows you how to sell products with ease, by using what’s available and by turning it in your favor, without breaking the Google’s laws! And then it’s more engaging to sell things directly on Google, after internet marketers were penalized after Google Panda, Penguin and HummingBird. Isn’t it? So if you want to sell a lot of items by simply using the right tips and tricks, this guide is a gem.

GPlus Affiliate Gold Rush” offers a big value for a little price, and I really enjoyed it because it serves on a golden platter a creative and serious way to make cash using Google Plus social network!