Social Ecom Soiree Review

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Social Ecom Soiree


James Renouf recently launched “Social Ecom Soiree“, a new 45 pages guide on how to make a lot of sales through time limited online events in which you can sell affiliate products or physical products. This will open a new world in front of you, as you can sell literally everything from used things, collectibles, books and ebooks, courses, Amazon products and much much more!

This is incredibly powerful, and the idea is so well defined that you will have many “A-Ha” moments while reading. I purchased this almost a week ago but I got the time to read it yesterday night, and it’s pure gold!

Inside you will find a step by step how-to with many screenshots, plus some great case studies from companies that used this technique to rake in huge profits by selling a lot of stuff. This is a really cool technique, something you cannot skip if you like to sell and make cash by selling. Events are short term sales that move people to buy before the last minute.

That’s why I’m happy to have found a solid product like this “Social Ecom Soiree“, a wave of fresh air in a saturated fields like internet marketing is always welcome!

The Radical Shift Review

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The Radical Shift


James Renouf has released another one of his WSO gems, called “The Radical Shift“, a book that talks about a new website that is the perfect companion for who tried Periscope and Meerkat, two video social networks where you record your short videos in real time.

As you know this is the latest trends, and a lot of internet marketers are jumping on this new train. Why? Because this web application is ten times better than the two others! And every day hundreds if not thousands of new people are joining this new website.

Consider also this website gives you the opportunity to advertise your own business, to offer your products or affiliate products and to create a real community that follows you in and out from this site. And inside the guide you will find a step by step tutorial on how to take advantage since day one.

If you are interested, James offers also two OTOs, priced low for the quality they provide, to learn even more about this new “live videos” concept that is taking the web by storm.

So, if you want to discover this new video platform, and use it to get a lot of followers with easy 5 minute videos, or even less, it’s the right moment to grab your copy of this gem, “The Radical Shift“!

Sticker Stampede Review

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Sticker Stampede


This “Sticker Stampede” is the second guide in a row from James Renouf, something I purchased following my instinct, and that fully repaid my jump in the dark. In fact on the 21 pages guide you will find 4 to 5 huge methods to make sales from images.

You will get excited to read the first two methods, that’s guaranteed, and then James will place the cherry on cake’s top by revealing more and more. The good thing about this eBook is that all the techniques could be done in free time, to get some more at the end of each month.

One method could be outsourced for only three dollars per image, unless you want to do it on your own. It’s really easy and includes one of the most famous cell phone apps on the planet. Outstanding.

Then there’s a method for SEO, that could be used for your own sites too, and for selling more affiliate products, and another thing that is the Teespring for images: you don’t sell t-shirts, but stickers! And it’s incredible how many things you can do thanks to royalty free images!

If you like easy methods that work, and that doesn’t require big time and efforts, go for this “Sticker Stampede” without thinking twice!


Mobile Stream Revolution Review

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Mobile Stream Revolution

Why I love James Renouf guides? Because they let us open our mind to elaborate new strategies! And this “Mobie Stream Revolution” is really awesome for that thing! In fact you will discover how apps like the newest Periscope, Meerkat and many others will change the game, and will do it forever.

If we talk about Periscope, for example, we know it was acquired by Twitter for 100 million dollars, and that means their expectations are huge. If you grab your position before the masses you can really have an incredible return, and this guide helps you to setup your funnel with these apps, so that you will be able to turn them into cash and massive following.

The good thing is the method is good for any niche and for any sub-niche. You may be a CPA marketer, a chef, a freelancer or just a curious, and achieve an incredible power with these new apps. All you need is just a couple of days to read and apply all the guide’s concepts, and you will start to see results.

Mobie Stream Revolution” is hot, new and huge. It’s something really doable and that you must experience. Jump in now to uncover the big deal offered by all these new mobile apps!

The Hidden Web Review

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The Hidden Web

Yesterday afternoon I found the best product I’ve ever purchased in last 6 years of internet marketing. It’s “The Hidden Web“, and here is my review.
Do you know there is a hidden place in web with 500 times the size of the actual
 and well known world wide web? Yes, a place where 60 of the largest websites 
include more than 40 times of the information we see on the web.

And Google
 doesn’t list anything about that!

 Prepare to become crazy after reading James Renouf’s guide, where he explain s
how to monetize this hidden web. And not the way you are thinking. Here you can
 sell your actual products for 50 times the price you’re asking on Warrior Forum
 or JVZoo!

Can you imagine the advantage you can get in selling a simple PLR product for $450 or $700 per copy? It is what you will learn inside this powerful 19 pages guide, that will change the way you are thinking for sure!

And it’s all true!

 Inside “The Hidden Web” you will get all what you need to start fast. So make yourself a gift and grab this guide 
until it’s available for a so low price! This is not gold, it’s pure platinum!

Crypto Trader Review

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Crypto Trader


Crypto Trader” is an incredible ebook filled by optimal and tested strategies to make money with crypto currencies like Bitcoins, Dogecoins and many others as well.

The author of this WSO, James Renouf, is using these exact techniques on his own to build up a constant flow of money, and that’s why this product was so successfull and passed the limit of 1,000 sold copies with ease.

There’s no ambiguous information, and nothing is hidden. You get all the real info you can use for building steady profits. You will learn how to trade currencies, and this is easy for anyone from any background. Even if you have never experienced it, you will be able to follow the easy steps and reach your final objectives.

All is really simple, but no one before has ever released these tactics, so this is a completely new and outstanding product, something rare and difficult to be found on the market, especially for a so low price.

I repeat: you see how James do that, you copy him, and you are in profit. Nothing more, no bad surprises. “Crypto Trader” really rocks, and it’s available for a dimesale cheap price for a limited time!

G+ Monetizer Review

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G+ Monetizer


James Renouf always produce quality products, and this “G+ Monetizer” is something able to change the future of a lot of people in much better.
I’m sure that like me, most of you have completely forgot to make business on Google+, for many reasons.
Because there’s Facebook, easy to use and with a big traffic, or also because Twitter is fast like anything other.

But like any other program at start, we totally overlooked at the possibility of income from a new source. And Google+ is like a baby in a world of adults!
So James Renouf WSO show us the right way to use Google Communities to build a business, and make money on G+ without any effort.
He gives us the right information to start and populate a community from zero, and he offers you an incredible series of 5 ways to make money on your communities.

For any niche you may target, you will get a huge following, and different ways to convert your readers in serial buyers, and in your personal followers.
Get authority, get cash and connect your name to a big and living Google Community!
G+ Monetizer” is the right way to start using the Google social network for your personal purposes!