Mobile Wizard Jack Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 01-04-2015


Mobile Wizard Jack


From April 21th, Google will change the rules, giving more importance to websites that have a mobile version, and this “Mobile Wizard Jack” comes at the right moment. In fact it gives you the great opportunity to make sales in a so crazy moment, where each one is searching for freelancers to add a mobile site and be ready for the change.

Inside this marvellous package, you will find a complete set to start selling mobile sites like pros:

  • A mobile marketing agency WP theme to set up in minutes.
  • Live Q&A Webinar and training.
  • Ready sales presentation to get orders in no time.
  • PLR customizable report to give away to customers.
  • A set of emails with brilliant subject lines.
  • A mailing strategy to catch buyers.
  • A set of screenshots, articles and information.
  • And much much more!

Tamara Patzer and Jack Hopman have paid a lot of attention to this package, even if it comes shortly after the bad news coming straight from Big G.

Mobile Wizard Jack” is the ultimate sales tool kit that instantly grabs the attention of local business owners and converts prospects to cash sales in minutes. You can literally skyrocket your sales thanks to this WordPress theme and all the ready sales material you get! It’s a gem!