Internet Marketing Email Series PLR Review

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Internet Marketing Email Series PLR


Whenever Sue Fleckenstein releases a new PLR, I grab a copy, and this time she made a wonderful “Internet Marketing Email Series PLR“*, that includes 21 emails to send your list, or setup into your autoresponder to exit automatically at desired date.

If instead you want to use them differently, you can join them all in a good eBook, and you will obtain a 40 pages guide with over 7,600 words! This emails set is the best you may offer, especially to your list, because it’s the best way to meet new subscribers and show them you are taking care of their growth. Use two emails and one promo email, then again do the same until you finish the set.

At the end, you will have a really solid list, and you can mail 5 promos from Monday to Saturday, adding some good contents inside, and then give them a gift on Sunday. It’s my method, you know. Otherwise, if you don’t look at email marketing right now, use this set as a wonderful eBook, and I’m sure you will sell a lot of copies!

Here are the email contents:

  1. Thank You and Here is Your Download.
  2. Setting Up Your On-line Business.
  3. Setting Up Your Website.
  4. Installing Your WordPress Theme.
  5. WordPress Tips.
  6. WordPress Plugins.
  7. Now that Your Site is Set Up.
  8. Adding Pages & Posts to Your New Site.
  9. It’s Time for Content
  10. The All Important World of List Building.
  11. Building Your List – The Ups and Downs.
  12. Building Your List – Creating Lists.
  13. Building Your List – Getting Subscriber’s.
  14. Building Your List – Opt In Forms.
  15. Building Your List – Follow Up Messages.
  16. Tips for Your Follow Up Messages.
  17. The All Important Aspect – Traffic.
  18. Recap of Where You Are Now..
  19. Branding Your Content
  20. Content Creation Tips.
  21. Monetization Tips.

As you can see this “Internet Marketing Email Series PLR“* is a complete set, nothing is missing and you can really make a good use of all the included information!

* Discount code: EMAIL5