InteractionPlus Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 10-02-2014



Jan Schets released “Interaction Plus” a few days ago. This is a super non-intrusive and editable popup for your WordPress blog, that can be configured to bring more social shares, more signups to your own lists, more comments and a huge traffic, in literally no time. When you finish to read an article, it pop-ups from below, and invite the reader to take action, in two or more ways that you can setup from an easy menu.

I’ve installed it on, my blog, and I was able to see results in a couple of days. Really easy and cool! Available in three licenses format, you can purchase it for your single blog if you have just one, or for multiple if you like to keep blogs. And in case you are a site flipper, you can purchase even the developer rights (that for the low price are gifted!).

This powerful, incredible and drive results. You won’t ever hate this plugin because it’s kindly, non-intrusive. It just appears when the user finished to read your article, asking them a favor in exchange of the good read he had on your blog. Go for “InteractionPlus” if you have a blog, it will really give you more signups, more share on Facebook, Twitter and Google and more comments. For a good price!