IM Art Outsourcing Made Easy Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 03-02-2014


IM Art Outsourcing Made Easy


Today I selected this product because was created by Cheryl Johnson, a girl that I knew on JVFocus forum a few weeks ago. She launched “IM Art Outsourcing Made Easy“, a 56 pages ebook that offers a step by step help on outsourcing your graphics jobs.

Yes, because sometimes it’s much better to get the help you need than becoming crazy with graphic software, with design skills and so on. So after following her detailed instructions you will be able to get lots of cool graphics created for you, by masters and for little prices. You can get ebook covers, banners, images for your sales pages, logo, ads graphics, character mascots, and all what you can need.

And apart the ebook, that shares thing no one has ever made available before (especially for this price), you will get also a 7 page cheat sheet, 5 email templates for doing your job at the best and 2 templates for the notes. More, you will receive good and secret tips and tricks, and detailed example images. And as you can see on her sales page, the images she get created are awesome.

IM Art Outsourcing Made Easy” comes straight from Cheryl experience! She worked 15 years as an artist, 4 years as a freelancer, and 5 years as an outsourcing manager. And I said all!