Biggest Firesale 2 is coming, even more powerful !

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This product is no more available.

On 23rd November 2009 Vince Tan will open one of the most powerful and huge events : Biggest Firesale 2.
Just one year later, after the first edition of Biggest Firesale.

I remember that was one of the best boughts I’ve made last year : hundreds of free products provided by worldwide famous internet marketers.
No one have been left out.
The new partner of Vince Tan will be Ian Del Carmen, just because it’ not possible to develop a project like this alone.

The product’s value of this year will be 4 times more than the past one, 7 Gb of products with a money value of about $40k, all inside Intenet Marketing area.
Last year thousands of customers took advantage of BiggestFiresale package, paid 97$, but this year they will be more.

So just to take your place in time avoiding error pages because of traffic and server crash, I give you a special link to join Biggest Firesale 2 before the others, to take advantage before the masses.
You will enter an advanced notification list to get VIP invitation just one or two days before sales going public.
Don’t take the risk to forget the date of release, you will be awarded with a special bonus called “6 Figures With Zero Dollars”, a powerful course valued hundreds of dollars about high monetization product launches with zero money at our disposal.

And this isn’t the unique bonus available : joining the pre-launch list you will get a chance to win a Biggest Firesale 2 package for Free !
Join Now before you forgot, this launch will be unforgivable and low priced for the high and profitable products offered.

If you are thinking : “Why should I visit out the link above?” I can only answer ” Because is a series of ebooks, video and software you will never find through the entire year.
Sign up to “Biggest Firesale 2” early notification list and keep the release date on your planner!

SEO Revenge Review and Special Price for you !

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* SEO Revenge is no more available.

Ian Del Carmen recently released his fresh ebook called Seo Revenge, another great title that you can’t miss.
If you add that the cost is really cheap, this is absolutely an info product to add to your electronic bookshelf.
You will discover so many SEO tricks to help your site climb search engine rankings in a breeze that you will simply can being astonished at all.

These are absolutely the most simple to put in action techniques to solve all your problems with search engine rankings, and they are also useful to get many other secrets to be indexed speedly and in higher positions in a matter of days (not wees or month like sometimes happened…).

The ebook starts from the basics to learn how a search engine works, coming to an extensive explanation about Keyword Research
and SEO tactics
, really interesting and full of helpful examples to learn better.

Next are reviewed the best tricks to use Social Bookmarking Websites and the most famous Squidoo, Flicker, LinkedIn and many more, all catched in a different situation that you absolutely have never thought about.
Also the Article Marketing will be extremely useful, like many other successful techniques forgiven by most famous people and never explained until now.
It is 100% recommended by me, firstly for his price and secondly for the first quality contents.
Absolutely no fluffy, only useful informations .
SEO Revenge is highly adviced !

VideoTube Scheduler Pro Review

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* This Product is not yet available!

Today VideoTube Scheduler Pro was released by Adeel Chowdhry and Ian Del Carmen, so I took my copy and I try to review it as my best.

This program is useful because save your time : in fact it prepare for you your favourite Youtube Videos to be seen in your preferred moments, or beetween one working session and another.
You don’t have to loose any more time reseaching the videos you like, because VideoTube Scheduler will make it for you.
So this software download the video and you can choose when to see them.

The software you will download is large about 560 kb, so it’s powerful but even smaller !
After a speedy installation you can open the software and you can see four icons : one to play the recorded videos, one to play the found video, the third to record the video at your favourite time and the latest to add your favourite keywords for research.
Please remember to add this program at your firewall or it doesn’t display nothing !

VideoTube Scheduler Pro can cut the times spent on Youtube to search videos, just because this software makes all the work for you, proposing just the best quality avalaible videos.
And the names of the creators are also a guarantee !
So you can work more or spend the saved time in other things you like, because Youtube will become your personal Video Recorder, and you can view your videos just when you have time.

So, I recommend you to give a try to this software for the special price of 4.95$, less than a magazine cost.
You will never leave this software close, it’s so useful !

by Alessandro

48-Hour Profit Plan is ready and released !

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* This product is not yet available!

Ian Del Carmen and Tim Whiston have just released from about four days a proven system to learn how to make money online in no more than 48 hours : 48 Hour Profit Plan.
Well, this is only a simple phrase that delivers to visitors the idea that’s easy to build the right product and start to have first customers in 2 days : but two full time days, without sleeping, eating and going to bath 🙂

You need to take your time, as any product you can find online.
The price of 48-Hour Profit Plan is very convenient because for only $10.00 you receive 14 mini ebooks and a series of 15 videos with the mp3 version for your mp3 reader.

After reading than seeing all the documents and videos, I can say you that’s an easy business guide to learn how to develop a real personal business on marketing your personal product (this can be a report, an ebook, an audio lesson on something, or simple a well defined e-course).
The authors, dimostrating all their high quality methods, choose to don’t give you any phenomenal income sample.

The work contained into 48 Hour Profit Plan is separated in four learning phases : the first about researching, the second is on development and third and fourth are completely devoted to launch then promotion.
The ebooks are clear and easy to read, and the videos are in Mp4 format, visible with Quicktime or any other software supporting .mp4 files.
On my pc videos and mp3 are registered with a very low audio, but this can be a personal problem of my pc, that plays well every sound until I bough this profit plan 🙂

Every aspect is checked by the authors, and I can express all my gratitude to them, because they made an astonishing work for a low price, but I have to advise you that this products is made for newbies and not so much experienced users.
If you are a webmaster or an experienced marketer, this 48-Hour Profit Plan is not for you.
A Ticket style Help-Desk is also available for any question you can have.

My final vote is 9/10.