How To Get Paid $110,059 Review

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How To Get Paid $110,059

HP Jeschke released this awesome 65 pages guide about launching your WSO with success, called “How To Get Paid $110,059“. This is one of the most up to date ebooks about WSO creation and launch, and it’s a great guide for anyone looking to launch his own product in record time. Here are some of the topics you’ll find:

  • How and where to research your next WSO.
  • How to find out what sells.
  • Examples of WSOs – good and bad.
  • How to create your own product.
  • Where to outsource your products.
  • How to give the best price to your WSO.
  • How to handle feedbacks and comments.
  • Discover the best days to publish your WSO.
  • How to get reviews for your WSO.
  • How to turbo charge your WSO sales.
  • How to find JV partners and affiliates.
  • How to get featured as WSO Of The Day.
  • How to get Jvzoo Top Pick.
  • How to re-purpose WSOs and publish them elsewhere.
  • Which magic line to use that boosts sales of 20%.
  • And much much more!

All is provided in an easy to comprehend step by step format, laid out for you. No fluff, but just pure and actionable contents. You are not only going to get all this but together with “How To Get Paid $110,059” you are also going to get access to the following bonuses: 2 special videos, a WSO checklist and a list with 50 top affiliates! A marvellous product!

Ultimate Offline Coach Review

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Ultimate Offline Coach

Ultimate Offline Coach” it’s an incredible guide, released by HP Jeschke and Chris Shilling, that shows you how to get $300 to $1,000 from each one of your offline customers.
The guide is developed on a lot of offline marketing concepts and ways to make business, so I’m sure you will found your best idea just after reading the ebook for the first time.
Each method is well described, and you will be able to find your customer with ease, with the right knowledge.

Apart the methods, really a lot including website design, logo design, business cards, social media, mobile sites and so on, just to name a few, provides a clear step by step method.
In the how-to sections, you will find these concepts:

  • How to get customers (without customers, your business doesn’t exist!)
  • How to get clients that are begging you to help them on many things.
  • How to set up your business foundation.
  • How to build instant credibility in your work area.
  • How to give a right price to all your offline marketing services.
  • How to retain your customers, so that you can continue to make business with them!
  • And much more…

I just want to tell you one thing. Can you imagine how many ebooks and courses I purchased for learning just half of this? A lot!
Now you have the opportunity to learn the real keys of a working offline business, thanks to this awesome “Ultimate Offline Coach“!

How to make money on Fiverr Review

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How To Make Money On Fiverr


How to make money on Fiverr” by HP Jeschke shows you how a mother of 4 created a Fiverr gig able to generate $3,400 in only 6 weeks.
The system is not difficult to comprehend, as the technique used was to open a gig about ebook cover creation, as you can see on sales letter.
But the real trick stays in how the mother created the gig, how she studied the keywords and much more.

Because a gig like this, if launched by anyone, will not get easy sales. Absolutely not!
Here is their table of contents, taken directly from the WSO:

  • Introduction
  • What type of product or service is perfect for Fiverr
  • How you can create stunning ecovers within minutes
  • Example of Fiverr gigs that offer ecover creation successfully
  • Creating eBook covers
  • Turning a photo into an oil painting
  • How to design your Fiverr listing for mximum impact
  • How to get 100% positive feedback ratings
  • Where to get support and help with your business
  • Expanding your ecover business into banners
  • Conclusion

As you can see the 25 pages of the ebook are presenting a lot of concepts and ideas, as well as the techniques used to get so awesome results.
I strongly suggest you to try Fiverr, as “How to make money on Fiverr” gives you the secret keys for becoming a winner!