The Secrets of Instagram

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Instagram is the phenomenon of the moment

Instagram is the social application of the moment, because it permits to user to share their photos, modify them with filters, and post them on the network.
The unique characteristic of Instagram is that the application only works on iPhone, iPad and on cell phones supporting Android.
Each registered user could send his photos in a Polaroid style, only in square size and not in the usual 3:2 format of digital cameras, and this is another point of uniqueness.

It’s mobility at 100%, and everyone is attracted like a magnet by the easy system used by the photo social network, who is growing in traffic like crazy. Consider that from the 100,000 registered members in October 2010, on June 26 it reached over 80 million of users, growing at the fastest irate ever!
It’s the best mobile app of the moment, and everyone goes crazy for using it in every moment of the day to share photos with friends, family and far people located anywhere in the world, in the space of a few seconds.

How to use Instagram Tags?

Instagram it’s easy, and all have no objections on that affirmation.
But how to make all the network photos available to every member, also if not connected to the original uploader?
It’s easy thanks to Instagram Tags. And you can define up to 30 tags for every image you share. But did you know which is the best moment to share tags?
When you have posted the image, on the first comment below. That will make your image findable all over the mobile Instagram network!

For example, if you are sharing a park image, it will be easy to get your image found by anyone, just adding the hashtags #park #trees #grass.

Instagram on Facebook

Marketing with Instagram

There are many companies who have found on Instagram something different, and started using it in a different way to improve their social side. If Twitter is good for small and fast messages and updates, Instagram do the same with images.

Try to think how easy is to share recipe images for food networks, fashion images for fashion brands and travel images for who works in the travel field.
Or if you want a real example, big brands have started using custom hashtags, like #coke or #levis.

The Invention who attracted Facebook

When Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger invented Instagram, a mobile application able to act as a magnet on millions of worldwide people, they didn’t expect to be bought by the biggest social network of the world.

When Mark Zuckerberg knocked their door, they were astonished. Why the Facebook guru wanted to buy an application generating zero income for no less than 1 billion of dollars? Exactly the double of the actual valuation from market investors, a never seen amount offered for an application generating no income at all!

The idea was simple… join the two networks to put the biggest idea of Instagram inside the best and most followed social network of the world.
As many important people inside the market suggested, it was probably because Mark Zuckerberg was scared who users of Instagram were exceeding the members of Facebook, winning the image sharing war who Facebook started years ago.
Now having no more competitors means that they can sleep well.

Facebook buys Instagram

Instagram for Internet Marketers

Apart using hashtags to make your photos easier to find, Instagram gives you the opportunity to enhance your internet marketing.
In fact you could organize a hashtag based photo contest about your brand or niche, to get more people involved. It’s simple if you read the “Instagram Help Center” topics about hashtags.

Remember also that is fundamental to keep your photos coming, because no one wants to follow user with no recent updates. Try to select high quality photos, or pictures who attract likes.
Then, that same pictures could be automatically posted to other important social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous and Foursquare, making your image posting job faster.
Try to grow your traffic, getting even more users connected to your profile, and keep them to interact with your images selecting prizes with your latest releases.

Considering also that who like to shoot photos, do it for 61% from his cell phone, let you comprehend the importance of a tool like Instagram, who now can count more than 1 billion of images submitted.
Instagram is new, cool, and can be used by everywhere in the world. And after the Facebook purchase, I’m sure in a few time it will be usable from Pc and Mac as well. Be prepared for graphic sharing revolution!