How to Become a WordPress Expert in 24 Hours ?

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Well, this subject is pretty easy with the new Free Ebook from Samantha Milner : Become a WordPress Expert in 24 Hours!
This ebook is distributed Free for Personal Use, so go and download it !

Analyzing the contents, I can say that this awesome e-book cover all the things that a good Newbie needs to know absolutely to start blogging without starting errors.
But I can say that also Advanced Bloggers can benefit from Become a WordPress Expert in 24 Hours, just because contains great tips & tricks and some excellent sections we are going to see.

These are the contents :

  • How to Host a Blog
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Create your Ping List
  • How to Choose a Template and Install it
  • Suggested Widgets and Plugins
  • How to Promote your Blog for Free

The Ping List and Plugins Sections are really impressive also for an experienced blogger, and I have to say I used them right a minute before posting these informations!
If you like it, Master Resale Rights are available paying a little amount.

So, I finally suggest to download this ebook and giving a full read of the interesting contents, just because if you think to be a WordPress addicted you can have forgotten something important : Become a WordPress Expert in 24 Hours is really a great work and it’s possible to read it and implement his techniques in a breeze.


How I met Alvin Phang ? And how he driven me to make a new Blog ?

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Alvin Phang is a master blogger from Singapore, author of the well-known blog named Gather Success.
I received his biggest and famous Atomic Blogging 2.0 ebook just at Biggest Firesale, a master event in which you were receiving a lot of high-quality items, happened about two months ago.
I started reading his e-book as never before, because it was catching from the first page and easy to put in action, so much that I put it on my portable Ebook Reader.

So, as a complete beginner in blogging, I took my courage and I started a blog that’s giving me much satisfactions, because of the readers and the income.
In fact his guide is a step by step walk into the misterious and difficulty world of WordPress blogging and his straight configuration, coming to monetization.
Every aspect is followed, from the best Plugins to the best Template to use, full of tips and advices about the best choose to made to become a King of the Bloggers, not just a simple blog writer.

So, if you want to made a blog of the same (or better) quality I reccomend you to jump to his website and get a copy of the newest Atomic Blogging 3.0, just buying the 2.0 copy until the end of February 2009.
I recommend also , after buying your personal copy, to follow his blog every week to find new reviews and news.

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