Hacking LinkedIn Review

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Hacking Linkedin


Apart the tile of this WSO, that is pretty stupid because you are not going to “Hacking Linkedin“, this is a great product based on a smart idea.
In fact it shows you how to build your list straight from Linkedin, and the author built a 2,227 people list pretty fast and easily.
As the author says, after reading this guide you can throw away the old solo ad rolodex you purchased, and you can’t stop purchasing leads that are on hundreds of other lists.

Because the leads you can obtain from LinkedIn are yet targeted, fresh and ready to be added to your list!
You know that to make real money pretty fast, you need real leads from a great business network.
So the training is straight to the point, no fluff.

The information allows you to brand yourself as a real leader and as an authority in your niche. A good point!
Being people that come from your same business, and seeing you as an authority, they will be happy to stay on your list.
Because this is not a real autoresponder list, but a list who stays on Linkedin.

So no money for autoresponders at all.
A good method, new, never seen before and that needs to be taken up and put to work.
You will get many leads from “Hacking Linkedin“, are you ready to make sales.