Social SEO LeapFrog Review

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Social SEO LeapFrog

Today I want to review “Social SEO LeapFrog” by Barbara Ling. It’s a good guide that
 shows you how to grab first Google places with the use of Google Hangouts, that
 are a wonderful resources for doing webinars, or for doing videos alone, without participants!

many people don’t know about this last option, that brings your Hangouts up on Google results! This super guide 
 will show you how to give Google what it loves most, in a specific way, with 
Google Hangouts that are going to reward you with top rankings! Then it will 
increase your online authority in your niche via social networks and it will give
 you a free content syndication method to get your contents where really it counts.

I tested this method on my own, with my latest Google Hangout about cryptocoins
, and what I saw that now it’s on first Google page with 4 different good keywords, in most of
 the cases on second position. And it’s better than what I thought! Really!

If you want to uncover a special technique, easy to repeat with 5 simple and crystal clear steps, “Social SEO LeapFrog” is your right choice, especially if you are looking to dominate Google rankings without the usual up and downs!

Hangouts Authority Review

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Hangouts Authority

Today I stumbled upon this great resource by Miss K, called “Hangouts Authority”. Google+ Hangouts create an authentic engagement that leads to a massive increase in your sales, and these 3 modules of videos will guide you step by step!

You cam access many videos to become an expert, and as you can see nowadays Google Hangouts are used by a lot of internet marketers for expanding their business to new heights. And they are used for communications, or also as a webinar platform, with paid add-ons like WebinarJam. And you can get a lot of members and sales from each Hangout you will create and host.

Krizia was so engaged with these Hangouts, that she landed on Forbes magazine, into a long article talking about these webinars type!

More, you get a bonus guide with 80 pages guide, filled by pure gold information. You will find a step by step guide on how to create perfect Hangouts, and you will get an answer to all your questions that never had an answer! And you can access bonus videos too!

Hangouts Authority” is the usual quality product by Krizia, and yesterday it was chosen as “WSO Of The Day”! Get into Google Hangouts and cut your slice of profits!