G-Font Plugin Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 02-09-2013


G-Font Plugin


If your question has always been “How to change WordPress fonts?”, now you have an answer. You can change all your blog fonts with “G-Font Plugin“!
From now on, WordPress can be much more attractive.Yes, because one of the things was that you couldn’t change were the text fonts.
Until a few days ago, because now, thanks to this plugin you can choosebetween over 600 fonts, some colorful, some cool and some really outfrom ordinary.

Thanks to this plugin, you can really transform your site without touchingprogramming, and without having to change CSS commands, a risky thing able to throw away your entire blog in minutes!
And you know that every one of these fonts can have also colorfulbackgrounds? Check some of the examples on the Warrior Forum page!
Being a WP Plugin, you can purchase a version for one site, or the version for multisite/developers, good if you have multiple sites, or if youdecide to sell that sites for cash.

A really new idea, something great to change the ugly look of yourtemplate, where sometimes the text is just horrible, too little or sometimeseven too big.
Now you don’t have more excuses, you can change thelook of your blog, right now and with just little efforts!Superb on any point of view, really!
For this reason I strongly suggest you to grab a copy of”G-Font Plugin“before the sale is closed forever!