My Internet Marketing experience started just here.

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Yes, every experience has a starting point, and I’m here to show you how my internet marketing adventure started.
In fact I want to make a full review of the blog owned by the person that guided me in the Traffic Exchange world, my first step in my long time adventure.

It’s by Edwin, a dear friend from Holland.
He his passionated about traffic exchanges, and he’s earning a good income from them and GDI.

I personally installed his blog, and he transformed it in a real source of news about the best available systems over the web.
I like his personal method to do blogging, and the contents also ! actually include the best traffic exchanges and safelist websites to join, including secret tips about making money and collecting new referrals.
He’s always available in case of questions, and following his method you can earn big traffic and hits to your websites.

Just as he said to me, focus on your business and let it grow day by day.
Don’t jump from a method to another, or you will never be successful.
By my side, I always save a few time each and every day to surf my 5 best traffic exchanges.

But now I wish to leave you some time to reading his posts, and join the RSS feed to stay updated on new updates. is waiting for you.
The train for traffic exchanges has a few seat available, take your ticket now !

New Juice for GDI with Koala Business

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* Koala Business is no longer available.

Today I want to talk about my newest project, that grab me some days to be built : Koala Business.
This website is a fundamental resource for who is envolved in GDI or want to become a new and fresh affiliate.
Koala Business explain how to start this opportunity with a boost, in fact is a complete guide about what is Global Domains International (GDI) and how to make business with it.

Firstly I put a clear explanation, the most easy I ever seen on the web.
Generally when I ask for a GDI explanation what I received is always an unfinished dialogue about potential, fastly payments, general business examples…
But it’s simple an Hosting company that permit you to resell the .WS domains letting you get money for every sale, month by month for the time a user stay involved.

Secondly I decided to insert the entire story of this society, the unique business of this type and one of the few that can live for more than 10 years getting always hundreds of affiliates daily !

You can get two affiliate commission, one for direct and the second for undirect.
You can build every site you have in mind, but generally people like to create websites to advertise Global Domains International.

On my site you can also find the best Advertising available to advertise Global Domains International the better way : I created two new stunning graphics Banners in 468×60 that you can use for free. Next will come ready to send e-mail and blog posts.

Another important resource is about how to advertise GDI with free websites, full of potentially unknown websites that will make the difference.
You will find also my personal e-mail to ask any information you want about this system and about my site (also if you want a new one with similar personalized contents.

Easy to comprehend and powerful to use it will become a successful business : Koala Business is your latest resource to won the GDI battle
Thanks and Goodbye !