30 Days Email Cash Kit Review

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30 Day Email Cash Kit

Gavin Birchall released a new WSO called “30 Days Email Cash Kit“, really useful if you are trying to build a list, and you don’t know what to promote, what to write and say. This package gives you the big opportunity to have 30 emails (+7 as bonus) written by Gaving, an expert of email marketing, plus a bonus video, 2 of his best books about email marketing, and much more.

All you need to start is an email list, but you can start getting new signups with the included squeeze page and with the trainings, so what you really need is an autoresponder, and you are ready to go. You will find two type of emails, 15 about your personal growing, to enhance your authority in the internet marketing field, and 15 about products to promote. More, you get a free package of 7 emails, so you get more ideas to keep your list updated, even on daily basis if you want.

The true thing is that “30 Days Email Cash Kit” is a great idea, and will give you a huge advantage, for sure! Build your name and your authority, and your list will thank you!

Secret Cash Code Escalator Review

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Secret Cash Code Escalator

(my list building case study!)

Secret Cash Code Escalator” by Gavin Birchall is his own $100 to $300 per day income journal blueprint, that he used to go from a lost job to an outstanding financial success. On this guide you will learn proven techniques that anyone can use to earn his first solid income in the shortest time span possible.

These techniques are not about famous things like Google SEO, Fiverr, Youtube or FB Ads, but about an evergreen business that could last for the next years to come. Trust me, I worked with Gavin for a product release, and it’s an incredible person that gives all of himself to creating awesome courses based on his own direct experiences!

This guide is not about list building, even if it is for sure a part of any good business, including this one. After reading the 38 pages (33 plus 5 of rights) of this guide, I’m sure you will be ready to turn your life in better. I did these same things that Gavin explains in this WSO after almost 1 year I was online, and I’m so happy to have done that, and to continue even nowadays. Trust me.

So, if you feel it’s the moment to achieve something from your efforts, but you don’t really know where to look, go fast to grab your copy of “Secret Cash Code Escalator”, especially until it’s available for a so low starting price!

7 WSOs For The Price Of 1 Review

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7 WSOs For The Price Of 1


It’s time for big deals on Warrior Forum! Gavin Birchall decided to give you all his latest seven products for a little price. Here is a list of what “7 WSOs For The Price Of 1” includes…

– List Turbo Profits “Platinum Membership” ($17 per month)
– Fast Track Profits Formula ($17 per month)
– Email Cash Supremacy ($9.95)
– Knockout Profits Solo Ads ($9.95)
– List Turbo Profits ($9.95)
– Blog Cash Secrets ($9.95)
– WSO Momentum Profit Launcher ($14.95)

Combined, you will pay a lot for these trainings, considering some are memberships to pay on monthly basis. Instead you get all of this for a price of around $7, with $1 for each product. There are great products about list building, solo ads, email marketing, blog marketing and WSO creation. All what a good marketer needs to get a following and to build a good list that makes profits for you on daily basis.

Gavin Birchall always release products based on his own experiences, so you’re sure to see real things, doable and that bring results, most importantly. I repeat, for the price it’s sold, this “7 WSOs For The Price Of 1” is really to grab and read page by page. Because if knowledge has a price, this is just an outstanding deal!

Blog Cash Secrets Review

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Blog Cash Secrets


Blog Cash Secrets” is a new release by Gavin Birchall, for who is tired to works on his blog without getting the results he wants. So if backlinks didn’t worked, and the unique result you got back is a big frustrations, it’s time to uncover this new series of techniques.

What you need is a complete plan, a step by step strategy on how to move your blog by bringing some fresh traffic. Only in this way you can start monetizing it with sales, and grow your email list at the same time. By purchasing this training you will discover:

  • The winning structure to get a maximum impact and good profits from the traffic you’re going to generate.
  • A super content strategy to let your blog grow, with new and useful posts that call in new visitors.
  • The complete roadmap to build a winning blog from zero.
  • A premium traffic method that can be used to get brilliant results over different niches.
  • A secret tool to let content thieves grow your traffic and let your author name grow with it.
  • How to harness Youtube power with little videos, from 2 to 5 minutes, and getting a huge traffic as an answer.
  • A huge traffic technique to call in returning visitors to your blog.
  • A fresh method to siphon laser targeted traffic and leads, and to turn them into real buyers.
  • How to start selling your own products, as well as affiliate products.
  • How to capitalize on each visitors, building a steady flow of traffic that will grow automatically, day by day with your contents.

So as you can see this is a huge training. Following its steps you may build your blog the right way, and profit from all your new visitors that you will be able to call on the inside. That’s why “Blog Cash Secrets” is a great product, and really suggested!