G Alert Plugin and the new Curation System

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G Alert Plugin Review

Walter Bayliss, a famous Warrior Forum marketer, has released “G Alert Plugin“, the first autoblogging tool that curates your web content with great results. Infact this easy WordPress plugin search the best Google Alerts post related to your main keywords and post little pieces of original text with a link back to original owner.
This method is one of the few accepted and respected by Google, because we share his news bringing content to Google itself.

More, with the combined social tool and Twitter, your news will get a constant flux of traffic, helping you to grow your visitors and also the real blog value.
For this reason this is absolutely the post Google Panda tool for generating cash on autopilot. It’s like an exchange, because you bring traffic to Google, and it brings traffic to you because your niche blog will go up in search engine rankings.

Using “G Alert Plugin” it’s a child play, because it installs as any other WordPress plugin, and it is easy to setup, just inserting your keyword or some RSS Feeds to enhance the research of contents.
Then, after selecting the top articles, the software will automatically create a mazi article with little texts grabbed from Google Alerts or your own RSS Feeds.
It’s easy, fast and very powerful, like any good WordPress plugin.

If you will take the Multisite version, you could resell your blogs on Flippa or whenever you like, and generate a set of websites on daily basis.
Walter Bayliss, everytime he releases any internet marketing software, makes a sold out. This time will be the same.
So be fast and grab your multisite copy of this amazong autoblogging tool named “G Alert Plugin“, ready to start without any waiting thanks to video training and an extensive manual.