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Press Release

A press release simply tells to website readers that you have brilliante news for them all.
I want to explain how a Press Release website works, and for this reason I choosed my favorite one as example :, active from 2001.
A Press Release Service permit you to let search engines spider fast your Press Release and consequently your new website, and for this reason they are often requested by Internet Marketers. is special for some reasons :

1) It permits posting also to people not registered to free service.
2) Permit a great service for Free User.
3) If you will pay only $1 your Press Release can be indexed by Google in only 4 hours ! (That’s incredible but true)
4) You can join a Promoted or Customized Plan to diffuse your Press Release in only 1 hour…

For this reason is one o the best services now available !
Press releases nowadays are an important marketing tool, and they permit you to increase your search engine’s rankings in no time.
The contemporary exposure of your offer on a Press Release website permit you to achieve a large number of sales with a cheap expense.
To write the perfect text you canedit them using targeted keywords or, if you have this opporutnity, paying a professional copywriter in outsourcing.

So, if you have to release a new product or something new regarding you or your products, a Press Release can be fundamental as the fast method to deliver news.
With all that can become easy and cheap !

Thanks and Goodbye by Alessandro Zamboni