Free Music Tracks Review

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Free Music Tracks


Royalty-free music tracks are always costly, so it’s great for me to offer you 10 “Free Music Tracks” for all your own projects, including: videos or slides background music, website background sound, podcast intros or outros, audiobooks, applications, videogames and everything you are going to create.

These 10 tracks are offered for free by Phil Wilkinson, and I think it is a great gift for you, because music with royalty free rights is difficult to be found and sold for astronimical prices, things that keep us distant from good music. This pack instead is totally free, and you can use it for your own projects and also for your outsourcing tasks, if you are a freelancer.

Go now to grab this pack until it’s free, and be sure to check the OTO, where you can get more music by paying just… $1! Take advantage of this kind giveaway from Phil, and your projects will have a different sound… for sure! That’s why you can’t refuse a “Free Music Tracks” download!

50 or 370 Royalty Free Music Tracks?

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50 Royalty Free Music Tracks


Don Davis is selling an awesome collection of 50 royalty free music tracks for $5.00, or 370 tracks for $19.99.
These collections are awesome, because the tracks can be used for a lot of productions!
Here is just a smart list of what you can do:

  • Youtube soundtracks
  • Podcast background music
  • Commercial Ads
  • Presentations
  • Games and Mobile apps
  • Website sound
  • Flash contents
  • Writing new songs
  • Movie background music
  • Interviews background music
  • And much much more!

Music adds a touch of beauty to all your productions, and invite visitors to buy more, or to follow your videos and podcasts till the end. This is true and well known in the world of cinema and tv production.
Duration range of any music track is between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, and each one can be lopped with ease for the length of your event.
The audio files are of any music, to get the perfect style with ease.

If you are not good to produce anything that needs a music boost, this collection can be sold to other people, as you get resale rights!
Imagine how many person can grab them for any price you want. Music tracks are difficult to find, and the rights are always difficult to comprehend, as you may have to put author’s name and things like these, risking so much in case of errors.
This package instead is yours. You can sell them as your music. It’s magic!

You can choose to get 50 royalty free music tracks or 320 royalty free music tracks, you decide!