Backlink Apocalypse 2013 Review

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Backlinks Apocalypse 2013


Backlink Apocalypse 2013” is a superb training on how to get more backlinks to your websites and blogs, and to all the online resources in general.
Yes, just because backlinking value has changed in last year, thanks to the Google Panda and Penguin updates.
But it’s yet important for other things, including traffic.

So, on Warrior Forum, I’ve found this awesome training that inform you on 10 excellent and secret methods to let your traffic explode, to go up on Google and to beat all your competitors.
Easy, as the training includes a lot of good things, including:

  • A top list with 10 witehat ways to link back to your website.
  • How to rank your site in record time.
  • Real examples of more than 60 resources with page rank from PR4 to PR8.
  • How to drive real and targeted traffic from these resources to your websites.
  • All what you need to know on backlinks to do a clean job to the eyes of Google

Getting to the first page of Google will be really a matter of hours or days, as the systems and backlinks you will find have a lot of value for every search engines.
Backlink Apocalypse 2013” is the right training if you didn’t ever considered on doing backlinking on your own, for yourself or for selling that service.

The Best Website Directory Submission ever !

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You probably know that Website Directory Submission is starting to become one of the most popular and easy way to get quality and one-way links to your website.
These kind of links are exactly what the search engines are looking for, just because a quality website with a lot of one-way links pointing on it can be only a really good site.
Said that, the catch is only to find a good Directory Submitter program beetween the hundreds available on market…

Well, after a great and accurate analysis I found the best one.
Do you want to know its name ? Directory Submitter by Brad Callen.
This software contans about 1715 Free Directories, kept updated weekly by the author and by his followers forum.

Directory Submitter is one of the most simple software I ever used for website submission at directories.
It’s only necessary to made 3 simply steps :

1) Insert your website’s details and save them for future
2) Select the Directories in which you want to submit
3) Hit the “Submit” button

And this program will complete the work for you !
So I recommend to give it a look, just to see the value of Directory Submitter and his extended community.
This software will give a boost to your visitors and to your search engine placement, but I suggest every 30 submissions to change the title of your website and description also.

Have a nice submission with… Directory Submitter !